Spring Break at Pepperdine

SpringBreak@Pepperdine 2016

SpringBreak@Pepperdine has been special since it came back to Pepperdine in 2002. Pepperdine offers not just one, but 5 different spring break experiences for students. Visit all five opportunities below.

Project E(x)ternship

Professional job shadowing

Project E(x)ternship is a vocational alternative spring break career exploration program that offers Seaver students the unique opportunity to shadow hosts in various work environments. In this program, students are able to "test the waters" of a career path without making the long-term commitment of an internship or full-time job. Click here for more information.

Project Serve

Project Serve

Project Serve will send students for the 15th year in a row. Project Serve educates and inspires students through hands-on experiences across the United States and abroad to use their talents and develop perspectives needed to relieve injustice, oppression, and poverty in their local communities. In each location, students connect to their team and grow in their faith.

Click here to checkout PS2016.

Project L.E.A.D.

Project LEAD Civil Rights Tour

Project L.E.A.D. began in 2010 as a part of the Year2Malibu program. Sophomores are eligible to apply and participate in one of three Project L.E.A.D. trips: the National Parks; Civil Rights Tour: Action, Justice, and Leadership; and Faith & Calling. Each group plans their itinerary and stops with a resident director from HRL. This is a great opportunity to flex your leadership skills. Students can apply here.

God in the Wilderness (spring)

God in the Wilderness Spring

Students can focus on God while spending time on the mountain with his creation. Students spend 5 days and 4 nights at Mammoth Mountain. The beauty of the snow covered mountains and opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as hiking, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowball fights, and building snowmen and igloos. Or you can just hang out in our massive cabins and take advantage of their hot tubs, pool tables, and media rooms. Staff members will lead devotionals after dinner each night. Both skiers and non-skiers are welcome! Click here for more information.

Christ in the Desert

Christ in the Desert

Join University Ministries at Malibu Presbyterian as they take Pepperdine students into the mountains outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico to the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. Students will have the opportunity to detox from the over abundance of technology as they engage in the monastic community's practices of devotion and silence. Each night students will come together to reflect on their experience and how God spoke to them that day. For more information, please contact Steve Smith, pastor of University Ministries. This opportunity is offered in conjunction with the Pepperdine Volunteer Center.