Student Bar Association

Photo of Pepperdine Law atrium with students

The Student Bar Association (SBA) at the Pepperdine University School of Law is the governing body of the students.

Faculty Advisor
Naomi Goodno

The SBA endeavors to represent the entirety of the Law School community in furthering legal education, promoting fellowship and goodwill among students, faculty and the administration, and advocating the concerns of Pepperdine Law students.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Bar Association is to foster a cooperative, professional, and diverse educational environment at our law school. In pursuit of this mission, the SBA will:

  • Represent student interests to administration and faculty
  • Apprise students of issues and developments concerning our school,
  • Provide financial support to student organizations, and
  • Create opportunities for students to come together in both social and academic setting.


SBA Officers

Ava Jahanvash

Ava Jahanvash - President

Ava Jahanvash is in her third year at Pepperdine Law. She has served the Student Bar Association as the 1L Section A Representative, the Philanthropy Chair, and now serves as the organization's President. Ava also is a member of the Trial Advocacy Team at Pepperdine Law. She is a southern California native and studied Economics and Political Science in undergrad. Her goal is to create a community at Pepperdine Law where every student has a place to learn, grow, and find their passion. In her free time, she loves to attend concerts, travel to new places, and talk politics.


Alex Caruso

Jacob Martin - Vice President

Jacob Martin is a third-year law student at Pepperdine and is happy to serve as the SBA Vice President. Hailing from the great state of Texas, where he completed his bachelor's degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, a combination of Malibu and the Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship attracted Jacob to Pepperdine for law school. Some of his hobbies include meeting new people, blockchain technologies, and going to the beach.


Tiffanie Bittle headshot

Tiffanie Bittle - Treasurer

 Tiffanie is a Pepperdine 3L, an Associate Editor for Pepperdine Law Review, is a member of Moot Court Board and the Christian Legal Society Board, and is a not-so-secret Chick-fil-a addict. She has participated in Pepperdine's Sudreau Global Justice Program in Uganda and the study-abroad program in London. Tiffanie hopes to work in estate planning after graduation and later transition into the area of international human rights. However, if this whole law school thing does not work out, her alternative career would be as a writer for a fortune cookie company.


Luke Manzo headshot

Luke Manzo - Secretary

Luke Manzo is a 2L student with a degree in English Literature from UCLA. As a new father, with what little free time he has he enjoys Game of Thrones, tabletop board games, and catching up on sleep. He would like to practice Trademark or Corporate Law, but as he puts it he "isn't picky."


Joel Harris

Joel Harris - Philanthropy Chair

Joel Harris is a second-year at Pepperdine Law. Joel is the Pepperdine law school Intellectual Property Student Association president and the Philanthropy Chair for the Student Body Association, in addition to being the secretary and social coordinator for the Veteran's Legal Association, the American Bar Association Student Representative, and the vice president for Event Planning for the International Law Society. This summer, Joel conducted hearings in front of Administrative Law Judges as a Certified Law Student at the California Department of Justice. Previously Joel learned firm management as a clerk for Fagerberg & Brand, a criminal defense firm in Austin, Texas. Prior to attending Law School, Joel studied Arabic at the Defense Language Institute in Monterrey, and held leadership roles in the Army, where he collected, analyzed, and reported on signals intelligence for the US Army in Afghanistan. Academically, Joel holds a Master's degree in International Relations and a Bachelor's of Science in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Arabic.