Records and Enrollment

The Records and Enrollment department is here to provide you with instructions and information for enrolling in classes each term and accessing or updating your student records.

Be sure to meet with your academic advisor or program administrator for assistance with class registration by selecting "Academic Advising" from the menu to the left. Click on a heading below to find out more on each topic! 


Registration for Summer 2019

Continuing on-campus students: March 18 - April 12
New on-campus students: March 25 - April 12
Summer 2019 ED/SSI add/drop period: April 29 - May 3
Summer 2019 SSII add/drop period: June 17 - June 21

Registration for Spring 2019

Online psychology continuing students: Feb25 - Mar. 22
Online psychology new students: Mar. 4 - Mar. 22
Spring 2019 add/drop period: April 1 - April 7


The following is a summary of key registration policies. For all applicable policies, consult the current academic catalog

Eligibility to Register

Students are required to be cleared by the Student Accounts and Admissions Office before registering for classes. Tuition balances for the prior term must be paid in full before a student can register and attend classes for a subsequent term.

Adding or Dropping of Classes

Students may add or drop courses online through their Student Center without penalty during the add/drop period each term. Adding or dropping classes may affect your student account balance and your financial aid eligibility.

Students who withdraw from class(es) after the add/drop period are subject to the tuition refund schedule. Contact the Student Accounts Office for a detailed refund schedule.

Withdrawal from classes

Students who wish to withdraw from all classes for the term or withdraw permanently from the University must notify the Education or Psychology academic advisor in writing. Withdrawals are official only upon timely written notification to the academic advisor. A student who fails to attend classes and does not formally complete the withdrawal process, will be assigned a failing grade for the course(s) and is responsible for tuition and other charges.

A student who withdraws from classes will be subject to the tuition refund and financial aid policies outlined in the "Financial Information" section of the current catalog

Leave of Absence

A student may officially request a leave of absence before registration for a term through written notification to the Education or Psychology academic advisor. Leave of absence requests will be considered only before the student registers for the term; otherwise, it is considered a withdrawal.

Doctoral students who need to take a leave of absence must file a formal petition with the Education or Psychology academic advisor to be reviewed by the Doctoral Concentration Committee. Readmission after a leave of absence is subject to approval by the Doctoral Concentration Committee.

To submit an online Leave of Absence Request form, click here  and log in with your network credentials. 

Program Plan Change

A student can request to change his or her program plan. A program plan change will require approval from the program director or associate dean. A change in a program plan stipulates that the student will be required to comply with the current academic catalog requirements at the time of change. Program plan changes request must be submitted and approved by the end of the add/drop period to be effective for the current term; otherwise, the program plan change is applicable to the subsequent term of request.

To submit an online Program Plan Change Request form, click here and log in with your network credentials.


Students who have been continuously absent for two or more terms must file a petition for readmission by completing an Application for Readmission Form and submitting to the Education or Psychology academic advisor. If readmitted, students are required to comply with current program requirements.

Students who have been absent for six terms or more are required to file a new application with the GSEP Admissions Office, pay the regular application fee, and be considered for admission based upon current admission requirements. The readmission applicants will be notified promptly after a decision has been made.

Auditing a Course

Students may audit certain classes with the consent of the instructor, providing space is available. An audited class appears on the student's academic record but no grade is assigned. Degree requirements cannot be met through auditing. Students are not permitted to challenge any course for credit if they have previously audited the course. Students who are not enrolled for other courses will be assessed a fee of $100 per audited course. In some instances, courses may not be audited due to class size or to prevent disruption to the cohesiveness within a group of students.

To submit an online Class Audit Request form, click here and log in with your network credentials. 


Enrolling in Classes

Log into your WaveNet student account by typing in in your browser. Click the "Log into WaveNet" button and enter your network ID and password and click "Login." You will then be directed to the Home page of your WaveNet student account.

Prior to enrolling for classes each term, students must clear pending registration holds and sign the Student Financial Agreement (SFA.) A brief how-to video for class registration is available here. The time and date of your registration window will appear above the "Shopping Cart" heading. Continuing students are issued a 4-week registration window and are expected to enroll during this time. All students may adjust their class schedule during the add/drop period each term. The add/drop period is 1-week and takes place the first week of the term. 

Be sure to consult the academic catalog applicable to your term of entry (or re-entry) and your degree audit report to ensure proper enrollment in degree required courses. Students are expected to review their completed and remaining courses for their degree each term. Always consult with your academic advisor or program administrator to address any and all academic questions or concerns. They are experts in their field and are here to help you. 




NOTE: For specific commencement ceremony dates and information, visit the Graduation website.

The Graduate School of Education and Psychology conducts only one commencement ceremony each year that all qualified potential graduates may attend. However, the degree is posted at the end of the term in which all degree requirements are completed. Students are required to submit a Graduation Application in order for their degree to be posted to their academic record.

The term for which you apply to graduate is determined by the term in which you expect to complete your degree requirements:

Fall - Degree requirements completed in December

Spring - Degree requirements completed in April

Summer - Degree requirements completed in July

NOTE: potential graduates will be notified by the GSEP Registration Office when the Graduation Application is available in the WaveNet Student Center. Detailed instructions for completing the online Graduation Application may be found here.

  • Masters students will be emailed instructions for completing the Graduation Application at the start of the term in which they are expected to graduate.
  • Doctoral students will be given instructions for completing the Graduation Application when the Final Oral Exam is scheduled. To participate in the graduation ceremony, doctoral candidates are required to have held their Final Oral Defense and passed with or without modifications.