Pepperdine Email

The standard Pepperdine email address format is "" To avoid duplicate addresses, an additional number or your middle initial may be added.

Getting Started with Pepperdine Email

  1. Set Chrome as your default browser. You will have the best experience using Google Chrome to access Google Mail. Safari and Firefox will also work.
  2. Set your Pepperdine Google account as your default Google account:
    • Log out of all Google Accounts in Chrome.
    • Sign into your Pepperdine Google account by visiting
  3. Sign into Chrome on your computer using your Pepperdine user account to easily keep you logged into your Pepperdine Google Apps. Set your email and calendar tabs to always open with Chrome by right clicking on the tab and selecting "Pin Tab." NOTE: Never sign into Chrome on a shared or public computer.
  4. Set Google Mail as your default email client so that any email address links will open in Google Mail and not your previous email client.
  5. Set this page as a bookmark to find details and instructions for using the most common tools and features in Google Mail and Calendar.

IT Service Desk

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