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MACLP Practicum Preparation (on-ground campuses)

The on-ground MACLP (Masters in Clinical Psychology) Clinical Training team works closely with students, faculty, supervisors, and mental health agency representatives to support a student’s practicum experience (i.e. traineeship at a mental health agency) while enrolled in the program. The on-ground MACLP Clinical Training team develops and maintains strong relationships with approved mental health agencies all over Southern California in order to provide traineeship opportunities to students in the MACLP program. The on-ground MACLP Clinical Training team also oversees essential University and California Board of Behavioral Sciences Licensure requirements in practicum classes that students, supervisors, and faculty must complete in order for the student to graduate and pursue licensure. 

New on-ground campus MACLP Students

The on-ground MACLP Clinical Training Department welcomes you. As a New Student you will gain access to your on-ground MACLP Clinical Training Modules in Courses through your Wavenet account. You will find three interactive training modules that contain essential resources for your success in the MACLP program. The Modules to refer to as a MACLP on-ground campus student are: MACLP CT Homeroom, MACLP Module 1: Prep for Practicum and MACLP Module 2: Practicum Guide. Your Clinical Training team's contact information is also listed in the modules and the team is available to guide you through your pre-licensed experience as a practicum student. 

Coaching/Consulting with Clinical Training Team

Students are encouraged to work closely with their campus-affiliated Clinical Training Coordinator (Meet the Team) while they are in the program. The Clinical Training team can help guide you to resources that will support you in securing a practicum site, navigate challenges at your practicum setting, and understand how to complete the requirements for the program and licensure. The team has years of experience working clinically and understands the unique challenges Trainees face in the field. The team has extensive knowledge on BBS regulations, as well as the legal and ethics codes of the profession. We are here to support your professional development within your practicum setting.

Register for Tevera

Tevera is a web-based platform that will function as your main portal for all practicum-related items while you are in the MACLP program. Tevera is where you will find all approved practicum sites listed, track your required hours for the program and licensure, complete required assignments and licensure paperwork for California that are required by the University and the California State Board. You have lifetime access to Tevera and can track hours towards licensure after you graduate from the program. To register for Tevera, contact

Tevera Orientations and Office Hours

As a on-ground MACLP graduate student, the anticipation and anxiety of the upcoming venture you have committed yourself to can be quite overwhelming - the last thing you want to be confused with is how to manage your practicum and licensure requirements in Tevera. The Clinical Training Admin holds regular office hours and Orientations each term to support students. Look out for Announcements in the MACLP Modules or contact: 

Trainee Mentor Fair

We hold the Trainee Mentor Fair in the Fall/Spring term. Come meet students who are trainees at practicum sites to hear about their experiences and learn directly from them what it is like to be a trainee at a practicum site. Be on the lookout for announcements via email or on your Courses Modules or flyers posted on-campus.

Virtual Practicum Fair

The on-ground MACLP Clinical Training team hosts virtual practicum site fairs in the Fall and Spring term to increase student’s knowledge about training opportunities in the community and connect students to practicum sites that are seeking MFT Trainees. Be on the lookout for announcements via email, on your Courses Modules or flyers posted on-campus.

Clinical Training Team Visits to PSY 661 and PSY 662/663

MACLP Clinical Training team members will visit your practicum-related classes to check in with you and provide any relevant information that will help you stay on track with your requirements for the PSY 661/662/663 course. Additionally, for PSY 661, the team will assist your professor in coordinating Practicum site reps to visit class if time permits. Keep in mind that practicum-related assignments must be completed in order to be eligible to graduate from the program and pursue licensure. 

Graduating Students

Graduating students are encouraged to follow steps in the “Grad and Beyond” topic in their MACLP Homeroom. There is a graduation checklist listed on the page that students can use as a resource to successfully launch from their program.

MFT/PCC Associate Registration Resources

Students can refer to the “Grad and Beyond” tab on their MACLP Homeroom in Courses to see the step-by-step instructions to follow when graduating from the program and applying for their Associate Registration number with the California BBS.