Lock-Out Assistance

The Lock-Out Process:

Monday - Friday | 8AM - 5PM | Remote Lock-Out Assistance 

Call the Housing Office at 310.506.7586 to report your lockout and answer your security questions which must be completed in the Housing Portal. If you do not complete your security questions, you are not eligible for remote lock-out assistance. 

After answering your security questions, an HRL staff member will unlock your door remotely. This means that you do not need to walk to our office! Once you have access into your room, you will need to verify that you found your card by re-entering your room using your ID card.

Lockout Fee: $10

If you have lost your ID permanently, you will need to obtain a replacement ID from OneStop (Open 8AM to 5PM). You can also obtain a temporary card from the HRL Office. However, if this card is not returned by 5:00PM the same day, you agree to pay a $35 replacement fee.

5PM - 8AM, Weekends, and Holidays 

Call the Department of Public Safety at 310.506.4442 and DPS will assist you with your lockout.

Lockout Fee: $15