Academic Year Undergraduate Research Initiative (AYURI)

AYURI will support up to three faculty-student research collaborations per academic division each academic semester. Faculty members (tenure or tenure-track) may work with up to two students per semester. Faculty members will receive $500 per student that may be used to support the research project (e.g. books, supplies, equipment). Students will receive a $1,000 scholarship ONLY if they are eligible for aid.

Faculty applying for fall semester funding will have applications turned in by August 15, 2018, while spring semester applications will be turned in by December 7, 2018. A short proposal (2-3 pages) should include the name of the student(s), a brief description of the project, the student role in the project, and a budget indicating how the $500 will be used to support the project.

Proposals will be submitted via email to Jennifer Bases in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Funding recommendations will be made by the Vice Provost and the Divisional Dean for each academic division. If some divisions have fewer than two faculty applicants, funds may be used to support additional faculty in divisions with multiple applications.

Students that are funded for academic year research support will be expected to present their findings at the Seaver College Research and Scholarly Achievement Symposium held each spring. Fall projects will be presented in the subsequent spring banquet, while spring projects will be presented the following year.