Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

Tenure or tenure-track faculty are invited to submit a proposal to conduct research with undergraduate students during the summer of 2021. The research project will run during the summer 2021 sessions I and II, June 7 - July 30, 2021.

All student and faculty participants are required to attend the opening reception on TBD.

The goals of this project are: to develop an active program of undergraduate research in all disciplines; to teach students the common elements of the research process by actively engaging them in a research study; to encourage students to pursue careers in research; and to provide time and incentive for faculty members to engage in research.

The research projects should be designed to provide students with insight into how to formulate research questions, design experiments, collect and analyze data, and communicate their results to the academic community. The program will begin with an opening reception to foster a sense of community between the student and faculty research scholars. Each student will be required to present their research at Seaver College's annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement Symposium in Spring 2022. A brief report should be submitted via email to Katy Carr in the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Initiatives by August 15, 2021 describing the research activities that took place during the summer.

Students will be required to register for a minimum of 4 units of 590/599 (Research/ Directed Studies) credit and may register for up to a total of 8 units over summer 2021 sessions I and II. Students will receive a 4-unit tuition scholarship.

Faculty will recruit and select up to two student participants and will receive a $1,000 stipend for each student who is enrolled and who completes all program requirements.

The proposals should include a brief description of the research questions from which students may choose, a proposed schedule for the project, the number of students that will participate, and an assessment plan.

Proposals for this project as well as a current C.V. should be submitted via email to Katy Carr in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs by February 10, 2021 (deadline extended). Decisions on awards will be made and notification letters sent by April. Upon receipt of an award, a SURP Course Contract must be completed for each student participant and submitted to Katy Carr.

Download a SURP Course Contract