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Directory Assistance

There are two ways to search for information. By browsing a list or typing in a key word into the search box.

To search by browsing, first click the Employees or Departments tab. Then, click the letter that corresponds to the first letter in either the employees last name or the first letter in the department.

To search by key word, first click the Employees or Departments tab. Then, click in the search box and type a first, last or nick name of an employee, or a word in a deparment name. When searching for an employee do not type both first and last names in the search box. Simply type either the first, last or nick name.

If the search does not produce the result that you desire, either narrow your search by typing in more information or widen your search by typing in less information.

3AR - Switch Room
APC - Appleby Center
CAC - Cultural Arts Center
CAL -Calabasas
CCB - Center for Communication and Business
CCP - Construction and Campus Planning
DCL - Drescher Campus Library
DLC - Drescher Learning Center
FFH - Firestone Fieldhouse
FMP - Facilities Management and Planning
GEC - Graziadio Executive Center
GSBM - Graziadio Business School
GSEP - Graduate School of Education and Psychology
HAC - Huntsinger Academic Center
HC1 - Student Health Center
HC2 - Student Counseling Center
HFH - Helen Field Heritage Hall
HTS - Harilela Tennis Stadium
HWC - Howard A. White Center
IGC - Irvine Graduate Campus
KSC - Keck Science Center
LBC - Long Beach Graduate Campus
LSA - Landscape Services
LSA - Landscape Services
MB - Music Building
MSC - Mail Services Center
PAY - Payson Library
PCC - Pendleton Computer Center
PGC - Pasadena Graduate Campus
PLC - Pendleton Learning Center
PSH - Print Shop
RAC - Rockwell Academic Center
RRP - Raleigh Runnels Memorial Pool
RRT - Richard Rockwell Towers
SAC - Seaver Academic Complex
SCC - Santa Clara Graduate Campus
SMT - Smothers Theatre
SOL - Caruso School of Law
SPO - Special Programs Office
SPP - School of Public Policy
TAC - Thornton Administrative Center
TCC - Tyler Campus Center
TEN - Ralphs-Straus Tennis Center
WLA - West Los Angeles Graduate Campus
WRH - Warehouse
WVC - Westlake Village Graduate Campus

First you need to find your name by either browsing or searching from the Employees tab. If you are not listed in the directory, you will need to see the Center for Human Resources to be added.

Then click on your name in the list. This will take you to your detailed information.

Then click the Update Data button. You are brought to the update page in which you can add, change or delete information. To change your name you must see the Center for Human Resources.

Once you are done, click the Submit Changes button. An approver will be notified that your data has been changed and will either approve or deny it within two business days.