Ordering Textbooks

The following information for the textbook orders and syllabi are for the Full-time and Fully Employed Programs only and not for the Executive Program classes. They will contact you separately.

Textbook orders are due Monday, March 30, 2020.

Check the Publisher's Website

Please check the publisher's website to see if there is a new edition. Also, please be clear on the edition you wish to use. Please be aware the bookstore may not be able to order older editions. Please have a back-up plan in the event this occurs.  Note that bundles and packages usually cannot be sold back to the bookstore by the student.

Please register on the publisher's website and they will automatically send you an email notification that a new edition is available. Desk copies and instructor's materials can be requested directly from the publisher. If verification is required, please have the publisher contact Doris Jones by telephone at 310.568.5553 or via email at Doris.Jones@pepperdine.edu.

Ordering Books

The Follet bookstore has online ordering. It can be accessed at the following locations:

West Los Angeles Campus Bookstore    
Serves the following locations:
Tessa Faciane, Manager
West Los Angeles, Irvine, Encino and Calabasas    
Email: 0855mgr@follett.com 
Password: 855
Drescher Campus Bookstore      
Geraldine (Gigi) Balgos
Asst. Store Manager
Email: 0087mgr@follett.com
Password: 087

You may or may not be asked to register. If you are asked to register, please use the password for the respective bookstore specified above. In the section where it asks for an additional person or email address to receive a confirmation please add: pgbsbooks@pepperdine.edu

The following information is required:

  • Class information - Please provide the prefix and section number to verify location (e.g. ACCT 555.55)
  • Is this the same book order as the previous trimester for this course?
  • Book title
  • Author and Edition
  • ISBN - Particularly important since more than one version might be available. You may use ISBN 10 or ISBN 13 which is the latest format (be sure not to include the instructor's edition ISBN).
  • Publisher
  • Is this book order for all sections (different campuses / days) for this class?
  • Does this version include a CD or other material?
  • Is this book required or optional / material
  • Course pack information - (if it is a XanEdu pack - is it the same or changed - please send the course pack number from the previous term).

Follett also has a textbook rental available for students. If you would like to check if your book is available for rental already or if you wish to select a book that is already available, please click on this link that will take you to Follett's home page.

If you have questions about your textbook, the Follett Book Store Personnel are available for assistance and can be reached at:

Malibu (Drescher Campus) Bookstore      West Los Angeles Bookstore
Geraldine (Gigi) Balgos
Asst. Store Manager
Tessa Faciane, Manager

If you experience problems ordering on-line, please email your order to: pgbsbooks@pepperdine.edu

**If you chose not to use a book, please also notify us.***