Posting Syllabi 

The prefix, course number, section and course name should reflect exactly what is listed on the class schedule in WaveNet.

The Conduct and Policy on Disability statement must be in the syllabus and updated. The Summary of Directed Instruction Elements must also be included on the syllabus. The Standards for Directed Instruction which define each directed instruction activity are available here.  You are not required to use Turnitin verbiage.

Proofread and double check the dates, trimester and location on the cover page to ensure the cover and first page are correct. Ensure headers and footers are accurate.

Graziadio Syllabi Template  

Fully Employed Term and Session A Syllabi are due Friday, March 29, 2019
Session B Syllabi are due Monday, May 17, 2019


How do I upload my syllabus?

Log into

  1. Select a course by selecting a tab from the top (DESC 656.24).

  2. Select "Syllabus" from the left-hand navigation menu.

  3. Click the "Add" link to activate the Graziadio CSS (Course Syllabi Upload) tool.

  • The Graziadio CSS [Course Syllabus Search] application will load and automatically list all, if any, courses that you are teaching for the selected academic term. You may also use the academic term dropdown to view syllabi uploaded for previous. 
  • To upload a syllabus, click Edit for the desired course. The selected course will go into Edit mode.
  • The following screenshot demonstrates how to select a file to upload. Adobe (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) are supported document types.
  • *Word documents will automatically be converted to Adobe pdf. A copy of the original word document will remain available for download after the conversion.
  • Once the document has finished uploading, it is immediately available for download. 
  • Return to the main Syllabus page by clicking on the "Refresh" button at the top left of the screen. 
  • Once you have uploaded a syllabus for your class, a link will be automatically generated that will allow students to download it.
  • To delete a syllabus for a course, click on the Edit button for the desired course.
  • Once the selected course goes into Edit mode, you will notice a red x next to the uploaded Syllabus. Click on the X and confirm that you wish to delete at the following pop-up dialogue screen. The document is then deleted.