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Posting Syllabi

Syllabus Due Dates

Meeting the syllabus deadline gives students an opportunity to review course expectations/deliverables in advance of the start of the term.

On-Campus/ Hybrid Syllabi Due Dates  
Fall Session A & Full Term July 18, 2022
Fall Session B September 26, 2022

NOTE: For Online Programs, your syllabus will be automatically uploaded to your course by 2U. If you have questions about the content of your syllabus, please follow up with your Course Lead.

Academic Grading Standards

The academic grading standards are as follows:

  • BSM GPA 3.2-3.5
  • Graduate GPA 3.35-3.65

Syllabus Templates

In the interest of meeting accreditation expectations of clarity and consistency, please use the sequences listed in the templates (unless there is an overwhelming reason to do otherwise). The templates are a minimum so feel free to add sections as appropriate to your course.

Template Key:

Black Text: Standardized text that is meant to remain in all syllabi
Green Text: Text for faculty to edit/update
Gray Text: Directions for faculty and should be deleted in final draft

The prefix, course number, section, and course name should reflect exactly what is listed on the class schedule in WaveNet. The course description should match exactly what is in the Academic Catalog.

Please ensure the following are included in all syllabi:

  • Course Learning Outcomes
  • Assignments
  • Grading
  • Lesson Plan
  • Definition of Credit Hour
  • Reasonable Accommodation for Special Needs
  • Directed Instruction and Credit Hour Calculation
  • Academic Integrity Policy
  • Course Withdrawal Policy

Please proofread and double-check the dates, trimester, and location on the cover page are correct. 

If you have questions please contact your department chair or course lead.

Uploading a Syllabus in Courses (Sakai)

Log into https://courses.pepperdine.edu

  1. Select a course by clicking the "Sites" icon.
  2. Select "Course Syllabus" from the Course menu on the left-hand side.
  3. Click the "Add" link.
PGBS Syllabus Upload Screen Shot
  • The PGBS Syllabus tool will load and automatically list all courses that you are teaching for the selected academic term. You may also use the academic term dropdown to view syllabi uploaded from previous terms.
PGBS Syllabus Upload Screen Shot
  • To upload a syllabus, click "Edit" for the desired course.
  • The following screenshot demonstrates how to select a file to upload. Adobe (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) are supported document types.
PGBS Syllabus Upload Screen Shot
  • *Word documents will automatically be converted to Adobe pdf. A copy of the original word document will remain available for download after the conversion.
  • Once the document has finished uploading, it is immediately available for download. 
PGBS Syllabus Upload Screen Shot
  • Return to the main Syllabus page by clicking on the "Refresh" button at the top left of the screen. 
PGBS Syllabus Upload Screen Shot
  • Once you have uploaded a syllabus for your class, a link will be automatically generated that will allow students to download it.
PGBS Syllabus Upload Screen Shot
  • To delete a syllabus for a course, click on the "Edit" button for the desired course.
 PGBS Syllabus Upload Screen Shot
  • Next, you will notice a red x next to the uploaded Syllabus. Click on the X and confirm that you wish to delete at the following pop-up dialogue screen. The document is then deleted.
PGBS Syllabus Upload Screen Shot


If you have questions regarding posting your syllabus, contact Doris Jones at (310) 568-5553 or doris.jones@pepperdine.edu