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Faculty Alumni Engagement Resources

Alumni in the Classroom

If you have an alumni volunteer, send us an email and provide us their
contact information so we can track alumni engagement. Plus, we are happy to
provide a small "thank you gift" to the alumnus who volunteered their time.

Email: Office of Alumni Engagement

Referral Scholarship for $5K

Pepperdine alumni, faculty, staff or students can refer students
to Graziadio and give them a $5K Scholarship.

Notable Alumni 2020

We are proud to share some of our most esteemed and notable alumni.
Please let us know if you engage any of these alumni.


FREE online community where alumni, faculty, staff and students can connect,
post events, share/find jobs, find a mentor, etc. Share your research, news, and events in this forum.

PeppConnect Business Directory

FREE, helps alumni promote their businesses and offer discounts. Has search
features by program, year, geographic region, etc.

Social Media

Join the Graziadio Network on social media. We encourage faculty postings
and comments!


Annual Events

The website lists all events open to Graziadio Alumni.

Update Alumni Information

Alumni may update their address here to ensure they receive alumni communications. Encourage alumni you connect with to do this or send us their business cards at the Office of Alumni Engagement.

Graziadio Alumni Video

Watch and share the "Welcome to the Graziadio Network Video."

Emails to Alumni

Our office emails all Graziadio alumni 2-4 times per month. Submit faculty story
ideas so we can promote them.

Email: Office of Alumni Engagement


If you are traveling ( in the future ) and have time to meet-up with alumni, contact us and we may be able to arrange an event or let you know of an existing alumni association event.

Email: Office of Alumni Engagement

Graziadio Alumni Blog

Stay up to date on alumni news stories and encourage alumni to share their
story with us.

Alumni Website & Benefits

The website provides info on email and library services following graduation.
As well as a digital alumni card, transcripts, degree verification, etc.

Nicole Green , Alumni Programming & Communities
Debra Martin, Alumni Connections & Communications