Policy for FEMBA, BSM, MSML, MSEN Programs

Faculty who are teaching a weekend course or a simulation at a campus other than their home campus may qualify to be reimbursed for overnight accommodations at selected hotels.

Note: This policy does not apply to Behavior Workshops.

To qualify for overnight accommodation, your afternoon/evening class must be at least 25 miles away from your home campus or residence and you:
Teach an 8:00 am class the following day or teach three or more classes on two consecutive days.
Exceptions must be approved by Associate Dean of FEMBA Programs. Please contact Arman Davtyan, FEMBA Executive Director Arman.davtyan@pepperdine.edu


  1. Upon confirmation of your weekend class, please contact Jordan Drake at (310) 568-5745 if you are planning to stay at a hotel.
  2. Make your hotel reservation.  Please refer to the Graziadio List of Approved Hotels for hotels with a negotiated Pepperdine rate.  Please refer to this list when making your reservations and make your reservation early.  Should there not be a vacancy at an approved hotel; the University will reimburse your stay at any hotel near the campus at a room rate comparable to the rates on this list.  Please note that reimbursement is limited to a single room rate unless the room is shared with another university employee.
  3. Hotel parking is included. Meals are only included for teaching simulations. 
  4. After your hotel stay, submit your receipt to the Academic Affairs Finance Manager for reimbursement processing.

Policy for Full Time Programs Faculty Overnight Stays at the Graziadio Executive Center or Local Hotel (e.g., Agoura Sheration, Calabasas Garden Inn)

Faculty teaching in the Full time Programs in Malibu are qualified to request an overnight stay per the qualifications below. Funding is subject to budget availability.  Once the semester budget is met, additional lodging requests will be declined.

To qualify for overnight accommodation:

Your home campus and/or your residence are more than 40 miles from the Malibu campus AND

You are teaching an afternoon/evening class one day and an 8 am class on the next day OR

Teach three or more Full-time Program classes on two consecutive days.

Exceptions for extraordinary circumstances (e.g., health concerns) must be approved by the Associate Dean for Full-time Programs.


Reservations for locations

Reservations will be made by Academic Affairs at the best available priced accommodation (e.g., Villa Graziadio, Sheraton Agoura, Calabasas Garden Inn).


Cancellation Policy:

  1. All cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your stay.  Otherwise, charges will be applied.  (Overnight charges including taxes in 2013-14 are $178.08)
  2. All cancellations within 72 hours of your stay or over a weekend or holiday must be made directly with the local hotel or Villa Graziadio via a call to their front desk at (310) 506-1100.
  3. Cancellations outside of 72 hours can be made through the Assistant to the Associate Dean of Full time Programs, at (310) 506-4111
  4. Those who violate the cancellation policy three times will lose lodging privileges. 
  5. For stays not cancelled with sufficient notice and any "no-shows", faculty are required to pay 50% of the incurred charge. The following are two payment options:
    •  Credit Card:  In order to make this payment, your credit card must be supplied directly to the front desk of hotel or the Villa Graziadio (310-506-1100). This 50% payment must be completed by 24 hours prior to your next stay.  Otherwise, your future reservations will be cancelled until that payment is made.
    • Check: A check of 50% of the incurred charge to the full time program can be paid directly to the program

When submitting your hotel receipt for reimbursement, please ensure that your receipt reflects a zero balance. For more assistance please contact our Faculty Support Administrator, Doris Jones. 



Faculty Support Administrator

Doris Jones
6100 Center Drive, Suite 443
Los Angeles, CA 90045