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Hotel Lodging Policy for Classes


1. To qualify for overnight accommodation, your afternoon/evening class must be at least 25 miles away from your assigned home campus and you are:

a. Teaching an evening course and teaching an 8:00 AM course the following day
b. Teaching three or more courses on two consecutive days

2. The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Executive Director of Student Academic Services must approve exemptions before proceeding.

Overnight Stay Procedures:

1. Upon confirmation of your class assignment, or simulation assignment – make your hotel reservation.

2. Airbnb is not acceptable for business travel.

3. Hotel parking is included. Meals are only allowed for teaching simulations.

4. After your hotel stay, submit your hotel receipt for reimbursement (please ensure that your receipt reflects a zero balance) along with the Expense Reimbursement Form to the Financial Administrator for reimbursement processing.

Behavior Workshops

Faculty Behavior Workshops lodging are automatically arranged by the Office of Academic Affairs. If you have a special lodging request, please contact Kenisha Danley at (Kenisha.Danley@pepperdine.edu)



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