Expense Reimbursements

Procedures for Faculty Expense Reimbursements

Receipts for all expenses must be submitted within 45 days of purchase date, or risk non-reimbursement, per University policy. For conference travel, expenses impact the budget in the fiscal year in which the conference takes place, not necessarily when the expense is incurred (e.g. if expenses are paid in July 2017 for a conference that occurs in August 2017, these expenses will impact fiscal 2017-18 budgets). To systematically process faculty reimbursements in a timely manner, please follow these guidelines: Expense Reimbursement Form

For non-mileage expenses  

Download the GSBM Expense Report Form.

Please TAPE all receipts on 8.5" x 11" white paper and number each receipt (1, 2. 3. etc.) Please do not staple or clip your receipts.

Fill in the Employee Information section.  Please indicate which method of reimbursement you prefer, otherwise the default option of Paper Check will apply. 

Fill in the Statement Date, Course Name/Number, Conference Name and Dates Attended. If "Other", please include specific information.

Fill in the details of each receipt, matching the Item # on the Expense Report Form to the number of each receipt.  Please note that the "Expense Type" column features a drop-down menu.  Under "Detailed Description", provide specific information such as name of meeting attendees, address of meeting, etc.

Please use one line item for each receipt you have (i.e. do not consolidate meals or transportation costs together)

For expenses that do not have a receipt, please describe the expense in the Detailed Description section, as well as an explanation as to why you do not have a receipt. 

Please leave the mileage section blank.

Click File, then Save As, and rename your document with your name and date.

Options to submit your expense report

  1. E-mail an electronic version of the expense report, a copy of the receipts, and other supporting documents to:   gsbmfacultyfinancerequests@pepperdine.edu  OR
  2. Submit hard copy expense report, original receipts, and other supporting documents to Tiffany Novak, Finance Office  WLA  through inter-office mail

For mileage expenses

1.  If you are submitting a mileage expense, choose "Mileage" in the drop-down menu of the Expense Type column.

2.  DO NOT write anything in the expense amount--the form will calculate it for you, depending on the number of miles you input.

3.  In the Detailed Description section, describe the purpose of your trip.

4.  If traveling to a place other than a Pepperdine campus, please include the address and an internet-generated map (e.g., maps.google.com,  maps.yahoo.com, www.mapquest.com, etc...) as a supporting document.  If a map is not included in your submission, mileage will be adjusted as reflected on an internet-generated map.
5. In the Mileage From column, choose your home campus in the drop-down menu.  In the Mileage To column, choose the destination campus, or type in the offsite location name. Keep in mind, only one-way mileage is calculated, so for round trip mileage, make two entries.

6. Click File, then Save As, and rename your document with your name and date.

7. Submit expense report hard copy, original receipts and other supporting documents to: Tiffany Novak, Finance Office WLA,  through inter-office mail.

For expenses where foreign currency is used

Please note: This form is designed for multiple currencies if used correctly. 

  1. Follow all instructions found in the "For non-mileage expense" section, EXCEPT for a few changes:
  2. Under the Expense Amount columns, type in the amounts of each receipt in the foreign currency.
  3. Please use the OANDA website to calculate the value of the dollar in terms of the foreign currency: 


  1. On the website, under "Currency I Have," choose your foreign currency, put "1" as the amount, and under "Currency I Want," choose "US Dollar".  The US Dollar amount that appears below is the Currency Conversion Rate you will need for your expense report form.
  2. Print this page. You will be submitting this as substantiation for your expenses. Without it, you allow your requestor to use this website to calculate your expenses.
  3. Under the Currency Conversion Rate, input the US Dollar rate you found on the OANDA website.  The form will automatically calculate the US Dollar equivalent of your expense. 

For more information, please contact the appropriate program administrator. 

# of Days   Estimated Expense Reimbursement Turn-around Time           
   0-45 days   

  Expense incurred and submitted by faculty member

   0-14 days   

  Expense reimbursement processed by Academic Affairs

   7-14 days   

  Expense reimbursement processed by Accounts Payable     

   2-4 weeks   
  Check received by faculty.

Please keep in mind that some delays are inevitable during busy times such as year-end and close of the fiscal year, but rest assure that Academic Affairs intends to do everything possible to expedite the reimbursement process for your convenience at all times. 

 *In most cases, payment should arrive within 4 weeks after the actual expense submission date.  If payment is not received within the particular timeframe, please feel free to contact Tiffany Novak (x5672), in the finance office for a status update.

 **In case of problems with expense reimbursements, staff from the finance office will contact you for further clarification.  In that case, please kindly provide your full support to ensure a speedy reimbursement process.