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PGBS Emergency Preparedness

Members of the Pepperdine community should be aware of all of the resources the University has made available regarding emergency preparedness. The Office of Emergency Services, the Department of Public Safety, and the University’s Emergency Operations Committee (EOC), in cooperation with many other departments, work to ensure that Pepperdine is prepared for emergencies when they impact any of the institution’s schools or departments. 

Reporting an Emergency at the Malibu Campus and at all other Domestic University Campuses
  • Call 911
  • Then contact the Department of Public Safety at (310) 506-4441.

It is important to read ALL University communication carefully. For school-specific information, the communication chain below will be followed during an emergency: 

Org Chart
 Action Items:

  • Understand and follow all University and building safety procedures. 
  • Ensure your contact information/emergency contacts are up-to-date in WaveNet so you will receive emergency notifications. 
  • Attend annual emergency preparedness training.

University Resources

University Emergency Protocols 
  • Communication plan
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Emergency protocols
Emergency Information Web Page
  • Informational blog for the University during emergencies.  Information and decisions affecting the University community are posted on this site in real time by the Emergency Operations Committee (EOC).
LiveSafe App
  • The “LiveSafe” free app is designed to improve communication between our University community members and Public Safety, and allows for faster emergency response in distress situations.  


Please contact your Department Chair