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Quantitative Ethnography: Introductory Webinar

Please join us Monday, June 27th, from 6pm-7pm for Quantitative Ethnography: Introductory Webinar.

Quantitative Ethnography (QE) is an emerging methodological approach that integrates qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyze human behavior and interaction. QE methods are being utilized by a growing community of scholars around the globe.

The QE@Pepperdine webinar will provide an opportunity for participants to become familiar with QE research methods, including Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA). Webinars and subsequent workshops will be conducted each term for all interested members of the Pepperdine community. Students have an opportunity to register for 785 Advances in Theory and Practice - Quantitative Ethnography for more in-depth study.

This event is free and will be virutal on Zoom. Please RSVP HERE if interested in joining. We hope to see you there!