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Employee Educational Equity Program (EEE)

The Graduate School of Education and Psychology provides an additional tuition reduction program to all its Full-time and regular staff. Through the GSEP Employee Educational Equity (EEE) program, eligible employees, subject to space availability in qualified programs, may take one course per term tuition-free, not exceeding four units. The Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Psychology reserves the right to amend and/or cancel the program.

This pilot program is in alignment with GSEP's expressed commitment to: "Create access and abundance": Looking to the future, we commit to creating systems and resources that provide educational access and abundance to cultivate human flourishing to the glory of God (Matthew 5: 16)."

Admitted employees may attend qualified classes on a space available basis, at no charge, by following the procedures below:

  • All fees (including taxes) associated with the EEE program are the employee's responsibility. Employees will combine the regular tuition remission and the EEE program. The HR tuition remission will take precedence.
  • Participants are responsible for understanding the tax implications of all discounts they receive, regardless of the funding source. University and the Graduate School of Education and Psychology provided discounts to employees will have income tax consequences for employees.
  • Participating employees for applying for federal and other loans should contact the financial aid office to determine how this program affects the loan awards.
  • EEE program participation is limited to one course per term, not exceeding 4 units.
  • This program does not apply to courses or coursework taken at other schools within Pepperdine University, or programs offered through profit-sharing partnerships with external entities.
  • Employees may combine the regular tuition remission and the EEE program. With their department manager's approval, they may enroll in courses under the university-sponsored tuition assist program and enroll in one course under the EEE program each semester.
  • The department manager has the final authority to limit or not allow participation in the EEE program based on the department's activity for any term or any performance issues with the employee. It will be up to the employee to discuss their enrollment plan with their department manager each term.
  • Applicants may not negotiate a space in the course directly with any staff or faculty member.