Interest Communities

Housing and Residence Life is pleased to introduce the launch of three interest communities to our residential areas!

To learn more about our interest communities, please read below: 


The RiSE interest community is for those who are interested in living in a community of peers who strive to live lives of wholeness and resilience. Students participating in this community will encourage each other and have special discussions with faculty and staff on a variety of dimensions of resilience and wholeness, including physical, social, cognitive, spiritual, service, and life-skills. In addition to personal resilience and sustainability, there will also be an emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Being in the RiSE interest community means:

You can look forward to experiences such as hikes, cooking classes, special meals, Club Convo, and a visit to the Brock House!

Where does the RiSE interest community live?

RiSE interest community resides in Seaside Hall.

Gaming and Esports

The gaming and esports community is for those who share an interest in gaming, and are excited to be a part of a living experience that fosters relationships and student engagement. Being a part of this interest community will improve your resident and student experience, particularly in roommate relationships. Gaming can sometimes be a source of roommate conflicts as disagreements (e.g., use of computers/TVs, sleep times) arise. But by becoming a part of the gaming and esports interest community, you can live with others who are likeminded and have similar habits to yours!

Being in the Gaming and Esports interest community means:

You will gain access to a 24-hour lounge in Towers for your gaming needs! Engage with others in your interest community - any day, any time.

Where does the Gaming and Esports interest community live?

Gaming and Esports interest community resides in Towers Hall next to the gaming lounge.


INTERSECT is a new community available to international students and US residents who are interested in international exchange and cultural sharing as part of an immersive living experience. This opportunity presents to you a unique student living community where global perspectives and experiences meet! Being a part of INTERSECT will open up the space to promote awareness of international issues and encourages discussion and dialogue across cultures.

Being in the INTERSECT interest community means:

  • Participating in specialized multi-cultural tours of LA hotspots
  • Taking advantage of networking opportunities open only to Intersect members
  • Gaining convo credit through participation in the International Convo hosted in Towers by Intersect
  • Using meal points for special Intersect cultural meals hosted in Towers
  • Participating in specialized intercultural workshops for Intersect members only
  • Sharing in resident programs such as cross-cultural festivals, movies, and dance classes for Intersect members

Where does the INTERSECT interest community live?

The INTERSECT interest community resides in Towers Hall.