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Declare Your SPP Specialization!

Each of you should have a policy area of interest. While we ask for the general area of specialization, please feel free to add a line to your specific area of interest when prompted on the Google form.

To declare your specialization, you must fill out this Google Form with your Pepperdine email account.

Our specialization tracks include: 

  • Applied Economic Policy
  • American Policy and Politics
  • International Relations and National Security
  • Public Policy and Dispute Resolution*
  • State and Local Policy

*NOTE: there are a limited amount of spaces available to pursue the Dispute Resolution (DR) specialization. Final approval will not be granted until the conclusion of the Fall 2022 Term once “DR” applications and Fall grades have been reviewed by the committee. The deadline and link to apply for the DR specialization will be announced at a later date. 

Please see the School of Public Policy 2022-2023 Academic Catalog for additional information. You may contact CJ Jones for any questions. 

Thank you for completing your specialization(s) selections no later than September 26th.