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Faculty/Student Mentor Program

Academic Year 2024-2025

Two students sit around a round table while a smiling faculty member stands beside them in a large library.

The faculty/student mentor program is designed to fulfill two primary purposes:

  1. Provide Seaver College undergraduate students the opportunity to be mentored by a full-time faculty member.
  2. Provide direct support to Seaver College faculty members in support of their professional duties.

About the Program

During the faculty/student mentor program, students will work closely with a full-time faculty member in support of his or her teaching responsibilities, scholarship or creative activity, professional, university or community service, or other professional duties. Specific responsibilities of the student will be determined by the mentoring faculty member. However, the tasks assigned must contribute positively to the professional or personal development of the student and involve significant interaction between the student and faculty mentor. The scope of student activities supported in the mentor program are broad and cover a wide range of activities in order to provide a fully encompassing range of support to mentoring faculty.

In contrast, the Academic Year Undergraduate Research Initiative requires participating students to be engaged in research, scholarship or other creative activities. Other types of student activities are not supported through the AYURI program. It is permissible for a faculty/student pair to receive both an AYURI award and a faculty/student mentorship to work on the same project. However, mentor awards for projects funded through the AYURI program will be ranked lower than those not funded by AYURI and are dependent on available funds. The faculty mentor must disclose in the mentor application if AYURI funding has been received for the proposed project.

Applications should include a detailed description of the work to be performed, specific plans for mentoring of students (the focus of this mentoring, how meetings will be conducted and when), and how the faculty member intends to monitor the hours worked and submitted by the student through Kronos. The maximum award is 56-hours over the course of the semester. In all cases, it is the faculty member’s responsibility to ensure that a mentee reports hours correctly and does not submit hours beyond the total awarded for the semester. Please make plans to monitor the submission of hours closely with the office manager in your division.  

To Apply

Complete an application: Application

Fall Deadline: Friday, August 16, 2024

Fall Notification: Friday, August 23, 2024

Spring Deadline: Friday, January 10, 2025

Spring Notification: Friday, January 17, 2025

Please notify your divisional dean that you are applying. Funding recommendations will be made by the dean of Seaver College in consultation with the appropriate division chairperson.

Important Restrictions and Student Payroll Information

Faculty members are limited to one student participant per semester and multiple faculty members may not mentor the same student during a semester. (Please check with your proposed mentee to ensure that he or she is not already planning to work with another faculty member.)

Students participating in the program will be paid $19.46/hour and may work up to 56 hours during the semester. Students will be required to submit hours via the Kronos timekeeping system. They will be paid only for hours worked. Faculty members are responsible for monitoring the total hours worked by students during the semester, not to exceed 56 hours.

Students participating in international programs are eligible as long as they have a current I-9 on file with the Student Employment office. Like on-campus students, they will log hours through Kronos. All other policies are the same.

Please note the following important procedures:

  • Due to federal regulations, it is critical that students do not work before they have been officially hired.
  • International students must have their eligibility to work in the US confirmed by the office of international student services. It is imperative that they do not work before the entire hiring process is complete as this can have serious effects on their visa status.
  • The Seaver Dean’s Office will contact students to determine whether they have been awarded work study and are willing to use it for this program. Availability of work study is not required for employment in the Faculty-Student Mentor Program, but it is helpful.
  • All funds must be used by the end of the term. They will not carry over to future terms.