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General Education Review

Seaver College GE Report

The purpose of this site is to provide Seaver faculty with information related to the general education review. This process began in the spring of 2019 and culminates in the report linked below. 

The purpose of this report is to establish a starting point for a regular and meaningful evaluation of the GE program. It provides an updated student profile that is the result of a thoughtful, thorough and collaborative effort among the Seaver Faculty. Although the report includes some assessment data, the primary focus of the report is on how the current GE courses contribute to the attributes of the new student profile. In some cases it includes suggestions for further development. The report also includes comparisons to the general education programs of our peer institutions as identified on the OIE website. Finally, we include summary impressions about the GE program from alumni surveys.

The report is meant to be suggestive, not prescriptive. The next phase of this project is to reflect on the findings of this report and to consider ways in which we may revise our current GE program to match our updated, aspirational student profile.

Proposed Attributes Featured in the Report

  • Ethical and Skilled Communication
  • Intercultural Knowledge and Competency
  • Creative Imagination and Critical Reasoning
  • Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning
  • Christian Heritage and Life

Committee Members