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InfoEd Research Funding

About InfoEd

In support of Pepperdine’s research agenda, the University provides faculty with a premium service—access to InfoEd, the largest international funding opportunity database. InfoEd tracks the funding programs (e.g. research grants; fellowships; publication support; sabbatical support; curriculum development; etc.) of over 6,000 government, private, and nonprofit funding sources worldwide. Its interactive website streamlines the funding search and assists researchers with locating potential collaborators at other universities.

At InfoEd’s website, Pepperdine faculty members may either perform simple searches or create personal profiles based on their areas of study and research interests. Once a personal profile has been created by a faculty member and validated by the Office of Research, Grants, and Foundation Relations (RGFR), the faculty member will receive “Daily Smarts” emails when new, relevant funding opportunities are announced. Faculty who create profiles will be able to log-in to InfoEd and perform searches from off-site or from non-networked computers.

RGFR will offer tutorial sessions as needed to assist faculty members who want to create a profile or learn how to navigate the website. To learn more and to set up a personalized profile, please contact RGFR at ext. 4819.

Creating a Profile in InfoEd

1. From the InfoEd homepage, select “Genius” located in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Select “Create a New Profile” in the Smarts\Genius box.

3. Complete the information fields. Be sure to enter your email address. Some of the fields include:

Applicant Types

You may specify who you are in select categories.

Award Types

Allows you to select all funding mechanisms that interest you.

Geographical Restrictions

Choose regions that apply to your area of interest.

Sponsor Types

Only edit this section if you do not wish to receive funding from a certain type of organization or institution.

Locations Tenable

Select countries/regions where you are interested in carrying out your research.


Select the positions that interest you.

4. Once you have created and submitted your profile, the Office of Research, Grants, and Foundation Relations will validate your submission. You should begin receiving “Daily Smarts” emails based on the profile you created. As you receive opportunities of interest, let us know if/when you would like to pursue them.