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Faculty Resources for Internships

Selected policies and resources are posted here for the convenience of the faculty. For information on summer internships visit the summer school website or contact the summer school office. 

Supervisor Evaluations

We've updated the employer evaluation form to use categories similar to those used on the Seaver College GE assessment.  Our hope is that all students and supervisors will be required to complete the final evaluation as part of the course requirement. 

Student Evaluations

Below is a link to the student evaluation of their internship site. The career center facilitates the evaluation process through CareerSpace. They will compile the evaluations and send them to you the Monday of finals week. If you could have all evaluations due the Wednesday before finals, this would help facilitate timely reports to you.

Mid-Term Evaluations

If you would like to use mid-term evaluations, please contact Marla Pontrelli, Director of Career Education and Coaching.

Resources for your Students


Sample Syllabus