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Celebrate 60 Years of the Heidelberg Program

Pepperdine’s nationally recognized international programs launched in the fall of 1963 with the inaugural campus in Heidelberg, Germany, a university town rich in culture and history. Since then nearly 4,000 students have considered Moore Haus, which stands prominently as the highest house on the castle hill, their home away from home.

Join fellow international programs alumni, faculty, staff, and friends as Pepperdine celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Heidelberg program. You are invited to reminisce and reconnect with your former classmates in exciting ways throughout the year both virtually and in person on Pepperdine’s Malibu campus. We look forward to reconnecting with the beloved Heidelberg community and making new friends and memories that honor the lasting impact of one of Pepperdine’s most transformative student and faculty experiences.

To learn more about the planned celebrations, visit the Heidelberg 60th anniversary website  and for more information on the history of the Heidelberg program, read the full article on the Pepperdine Newsroom website.