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Complete the Institutional Learning Outcomes Survey by June 30

In spring 2022 the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) developed a plan to revisit the University’s institutional learning outcomes (ILOs) in partnership with Pepperdine’s Advancement of Student Learning Council (ASLC) with the purpose of improving phrasing and removing redundancy. ILOs are designed to help guide individual departments and disciplines in the development of their programs’ learning outcomes and represent the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that all Pepperdine students are expected to acquire upon completion of their degree. 

In an effort to encourage community participation and engage the faculty, staff, and student communities in a foundational institutional initiative, the OIE developed a survey to gather feedback on their proposed revisions to Pepperdine’s ILOs. The revisions would reduce the current number of ILOs from nine to six while maintaining the institutional values of purpose, service, and leadership and its core commitments to knowledge and scholarship, faith and heritage, and community and global understanding. The survey presents the current language listed on the University’s ILOs and requests feedback on each one. 

The OIE will compile and review survey responses in fall 2023 and present a final draft of the ILOs to various decision-making bodies of the University, including the ASLC, the Board of Regents - Academic Affairs, and the University Planning Committee, among others. In spring 2024 the final ILOs will be officially announced on the OIE website and adopted in program learning outcomes, curriculum map templates, and others. By fall 2024 the OIE will adopt the new ILOs in assessment reports and introduce an ILO section in program reviews. A comprehensive standalone ILO report will be available in fall 2025. 

Complete Pepperdine’s institutional learning outcomes survey by Friday, June 30, 2023, to contribute your feedback on this important University initiative.