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How do I reserve meeting facilities or a room at Pepperdine for my next event?

Special Programs is in charge of most room reservations and can be contacted at ext. 4264. If your requested space is not a facility reserved by the Special Programs office, a member of its staff will direct you to the appropriate department. To reserve rooms in the HAWC, call Student Activities at ext. 4201.


What criteria must my event meet in order to have the University Events staff plan the event?

Events must meet the following criteria for University Events staff to work with a client office:

  • Will the president be involved? All events hosted by the president have an assigned event manager. Major events featuring the president on the program also qualify to have an assigned event manager.
  • Is the event a fundraiser? If yes, does part of the event celebrate the culmination of a fundraising project exceeding $25,000? Note, if a special interest group was gathering to launch a project, it would not necessarily warrant an event manager.
  • What is the anticipated guest count? If event organizers anticipate over 200 people, an event manager will be assigned.
  • Who is the audience/who will we invite as guest? If a small group of 50 members of the George Pepperdine Society were to be invited to a dinner with the President, an event manager would be assigned.
  • Is there flexibility in scheduling dates? If the event appears to qualify but conflicts with a very full event calendar, it may be declined.


If my event meets the criteria, how do I request University Events staff to be involved in my event?

Please submit all event requests in writing via email to Tami McKelvy, Executive Director, University Events & Advancement Initiatives . Please include the department making the request; the proposed event, date, time, location; and any other pertinent details relating to the event.


Once my event is approved, what is the process for the planning the event?

Once your event has been approved, an event date will be scheduled and entered on the University Master Calendar. You will then be assigned an event manager who will be your main contact from that point forward.


What can I expect an event manager to do once they are assigned to my event?

An event manager will:

  • File the Social Services Permit
    • If the event is a fundraiser, the event manager will file a Notice of Intention with the city, which will send the event manager a Social Services Permit for the event 
    • After the event's conclusion, the event manager will file a Report of Results with the city
    • Copies will be submitted to the client office upon request
  • Create Event Timeline
    • The event manager will create a list of all relevant action items and designate who is responsible for each
    • The event manager will submit a timeline to the client and verify that all parties are in agreement with event details, including a day of or load-in schedule that outlines all event components on the day of the event. (This portion may not be done until the week of the event since things change up until that time.)
  • Create Event Binder
    • The event manager will file and store all pertinent documents and have a binder available for future reference
  • Create Event Cost Proposal
    • The event manager will prompt the client office for an event budget and account number
    • The event manager will take the overall event budget and allocate it to event elements as needed OR the client office will allocate the budget to event elements
    • The event manager will advise on best practices for budget allocation
  • Coordinate Event Logistics
    • The event manager will initiate discussion and clarify needs for all event elements, including event venues, vendors, event design, invitations and response forms, programs, meals, event information, volunteers, event execution, and event wrap-up
    • The event manager will facilitate and finalize all applicable event elements
    • If the client office prefers to facilitate or finalize any of these logistics, the event manager should be kept aware of all relevant details (i.e. copied on pertinent e-mails, included in applicable meetings, etc.)