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Office of the Chaplain

The Office of the Chaplain is dedicated to cultivating a spiritually formative environment for the Pepperdine faculty and staff community to meet individual, departmental, and University-wide spiritual needs.


Stauffer Chapel

"As a chaplain, the most important aspect of my job is to be present and to listen to anyone who needs it. I’m the chaplain for everybody in the Pepperdine community, and you are welcome just as you are."

—Sara G. Barton


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What We Do

Prayer and Worship

  • Worship and prayer services for the Pepperdine community

  • Devotional messages, sermons, and public prayer

Training and Equipping

  • University-wide spiritual formation workshops and training
  • Customized departmental workshops
  • Bible studies
  • Resources for spiritual practices

Faith Resources

  • Pepperdine Spiritual Life blog and podcast
  • Books and devotionals for guided learning
  • Sacred campus spaces

Pastoral Care

  • Spiritual care and pastoral encouragement to all faculty and staff
  • Confidential, one-on-one pastoral care
  • Crisis prayer services, memorials, and grief support
  • Title IX confidential resources


  • Spiritual formation retreats
  • Spiritual formation retreat resources
Students hiking

Practicing Faith Resources

Pepperdine's Practicing Faith was designed to help faculty, staff, and students discover curated spiritual practices designed to guide you through practices of faith and community.



Sara Barton

Sara Barton
University Chaplain



Angie Lemley

Angie Lemley
Operations Manager



For appointments and requests please email