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Calendar Event Submissions

Submission Guidelines

Calendar events may be submitted by anyone in the Pepperdine community. Submissions are reviewed by the calendar owner before posting. Please read the guidelines below and select the calendar to which you would like to submit.

Who May Submit an Event

  • Current Pepperdine University faculty, staff, and students.
    (You will be prompted to enter your network ID and password.)

Appropriate Event Items to Submit

  • Workshops, symposia, lectures, presentations
  • Campus events, such as public meetings, worship services, blood drives, etc.

Inappropriate Event Items to Submit

  • Room or location reservations (the calendar does not secure University resources)
  • Personal events, such as birthdays, private parties, etc.
  • Events not sponsored by Pepperdine University


Events should be approved and coordinated with all hosting departments prior to submitting your event. This will avoid duplicate event listings in the master calendars.

If you have any questions about the master calendars or how your events will display on other calendars please contact


By clicking one of the links below you will be taken to a login page to verify your affiliation with Pepperdine. After your account has been verified you will be automatically redirected to the event submission page for that calendar.

Integrated Calendars (Do not double-post an event to a school calendar and the University calendar; posting an event to a school calendar will automatically place it on the Pepperdine University events calendar, if approved.)