Development Funds

Policies and Procedures

Below you will find policies, forms, and best practices in using development funds.  All faculty members are subject to University Financial Policies.

Purpose Policy Form
To request professional development activities (i.e. conferences, publication fees, association fees, etc.)

Development Funds Policies

Development Funds Forms

To reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses (meals, transportation, lodging, etc.) and mileage

Expense Reimbursement Policies

Expense Reimbursement Form

Eligibility for Development Funds

Developmental funds of $2,500 are available to all tenure/tenure-track faculty members for the current academic year.

Practitioner faculty who teach at least 12 units are eligible for development funds per the following schedule:

a) 21+ units: $2,000
b) 16-20 units: $1,500
c)12-15 units: $1,000

Depending on the nature of the expense, all development fund expenses are subject to approval from the Department Chair (DC) and/or Senior Associate Dean (SAD) of Academic Affairs based on the schedule below:

August 1 - January 31

February 1 - March 31

  • Based upon the discretion of the Department Chair, unreserved funds may be reallocated within the disciplines.

April 1 - July 31

  • Based upon the discretion of the Senior Associate Dean, remaining funds may be allocated to other departments or school-wide.

NOTE: Expenses impact the budget in the fiscal year in which the conference/services take place, not necessarily when the expense is incurred (e.g. if expenses are paid in July 2020 for a conference that occurs in August 2020, these expenses will impact fiscal 2020-21 budgets).

Development Fund Guidelines

When considering the use of development funds, please refer to the following guidelines:

  • Purchases of books, equipment, journal subscriptions, and similar "non-consumable" goods are subject to an annual limit.  Additionally, purchases of "non-consumable" items exceeding $100 in cost must be made through the Faculty Affairs Office.  Faculty members who pay for these items directly risk non-reimbursement per University Policy.
  • Journal submission fees up to $300 (per submission) are eligible for payment by Pepperdine Graziadio Business School (PGBS). With appropriate approval from the Department Chair or Senior Associate Dean, excess fees may be covered with development funds.


When requesting development funds, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the development fund request form.
  2. The development form will be automatically routed for approval to the designated Department Chair.
  3. You will receive a notification via email if your request was approved or denied.
  4. If approved, you may begin making travel arrangements or making purchases.
  5. See reimbursement guidelines.

For non-travel related purchases over $100, please contact for assistance.

For approval questions, please contact your Department Chair directly.