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Development Funds

Policies and Procedures

Below you will find policies, forms, and best practices in using development funds. All faculty members are subject to University Financial Policies.

Purpose Policy Form
To request professional development activities (i.e. conferences, publication fees, association fees, etc.)

Development Funds Policies

Development Funds Forms

To reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses (meals, transportation, lodging, etc.) and mileage

Expense Reimbursement Policies

Expense Reimbursement Form (2023)

Expense Reimbursement Form (2024)

PGBS Per Diem Reimbursement Form

Eligibility for Development Funds

*This policy is for AY 23-24 and is subject to change.

Tenure, tenure-track, and practitioner faculty can apply to use professional development funds only if they are presenting mission-aligned research at a conference, and/or for annual dues at the premier national/international body for their discipline*. 

* Faculty members within a discipline should work with their department chair to identify appropriate academies/associations consistent with PGBS mission. Generally, development funds may be used for a single membership dues per year. Any exception must be approved by a department chair and the ADAA.

Approved Academies/Associations
The following academies/associations have been established as premier for Graziadio.  
Please work with your department chair if further discussion is required.
LEGL American Bar Association (ABA), California Bar Association (required for CA lawyers)
MKTG American Marketing Association


Academy of Management
REAL American Real Estate Society (ARES
STGY Academy of Management 
Discipline Academy/Associations 
ABS Academy of Management
ACCT American Accounting Association (AAA)
DESC Decision Sciences Institute (DSI),  INFORMS
ECNM American Economic Association (AEA)
FINC Financial Management Association (FMA)
ISTM AIS (Association for Information Systems) 

. Faculty members are eligible for development funds for the current academic year:

  • Tenure/ Tenure-track = $3,000
  • Practitioner faculty who teach at least 12 units:
    • 21+ units: $2,500
    • 16-20 units: $2,000
    • 12-15 units: $1,500

Note: Instructors/Lecturers are not eligible for development funds.  

Depending on the nature of the expense, all development fund expenses are subject to approval from the Department Chair (DC) and/or Associate Dean (AD) of Academic Affairs based on the schedule below:

August 1 - January 31

February 1 - March 31

  • Based upon the discretion of the Department Chair, unreserved funds may be reallocated within the disciplines.

April 1 - July 31

  • Based upon the discretion of the Associate Dean, remaining funds may be allocated to other departments or school-wide.

Development Fund Guidelines

Faculty development funds are intended for professional development and are subject to an annual limit.  Lastly, any requests that conflict with University Financial Policies will be denied.  Faculty members who pay for these items directly risk non-reimbursement per University Policy. 

NOTE: Based on University financial policies, expenses impact the budget in the fiscal year in which the conference took place, not necessarily when the expense is incurred (e.g. if expenses are paid in July 2024 for a conference that occurs in August 2024, these expenses will impact faculty‚Äôs development funds budget for fiscal year 2024-25). 

When considering the use of development funds, please refer to the following guidelines:

All requests should demonstrate good stewardship of our financial resources; therefore, all purchases must be pre-approved.  Development funds are non-transferable to other faculty members and unused funds cannot be rolled over into the next fiscal year.  All of the University's funds from the general operating budget are only available during the fiscal year in which they are granted. PGBS budgets are reset for the new year on August 1st. 

Annual Membership Dues
Generally, development funds may be used for a single membership dues per year with approved academies/associations consistent with PGBS mission.

Journal Submissions
Journal submission fees up to $300 (per submission) are eligible for payment by Pepperdine Graziadio Business School (PGBS).

Technology Equipment/Additional Device
Technology equipment is University owed and should be returned to People Operations when a faculty member leaves the University.  People Operations provides full-time faculty with one office computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, dock, and adapters. Faculty are on a three-year computer refresh cycle.

Faculty are not eligible to hold more than two (2) devices (such as a tablet, iPad, or another laptop) at any time.  Upon receipt of a new device, old equipment needs to be returned to People Operations or discussed for purchase.  

Printers/Ink Cartridges/Paper
Faculty have access to printers at all four Pepperdine campuses. Home printers/ink cartridges are not supplied by the University.  


When requesting development funds, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the development fund request form.
  2. The development form will be automatically routed for approval to the designated Department Chair.
  3. You will receive a notification via email (Subject line: Etrieve Flow Notification) if your request was approved or denied.  
  4. If approved, you may begin making travel arrangements or making purchases.
  5. See reimbursement guidelines.

Reminder: Reimbursements

To ensure timely reimbursement, receipts for all expenses should be submitted within 45 days of the purchase date. Per University policy, after 120 days, reimbursements become taxable income. As a result, the school incurs additional expenses which include payroll taxes and payroll burden (17%). For example, after 120 days, an original $100 reimbursement would now cost the school closer to an estimated $185 after taxes and burden are added. Faculty are required to submit reimbursements on time; late submissions (taxes/burden) will be charged to faculty personal development funds to cover additional expenses. 


  • For approval questions, please contact your Department Chair directly.
  • For questions regarding development funds, faculty awards, and other non-program expenses, contact Karina Guerrero.
  • For questions regarding MSOD and DBA programs, contact Karla Gonzalez.
  • For questions regarding EMBA and PKE programs, contact Jasmine Saidfar.