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PGBS Faculty Annual Scheduling Process


As collaborative partners, the Department Chairs, Faculty Affairs, the Program Office, Student Systems, IT, and the Finance department aim to create a sustainable system that will support both faculty and students with course scheduling. With the goal of strengthening operational excellence (Strategic Objective #6) and a “student-driven” course schedule, we have implemented a number of changes including adjusting student admission deadlines/number of new student intakes, reviewing average class size, and introducing a carousel model.

Over this next year, we are committed to continuing our process improvement by collaborating with our IT team to: 

  1. Streamline the creation of the year-long master schedule
  2. Improve reporting
  3. Automate tracking/communication 

Scheduling Timeline

Date Activity Faculty Action Items
January 16, 2024 Tentative faculty assignments for Summer 2024
  • Review your tentative Summer 2024 teaching schedule (sent via email) 
  • Consider any impacts created by University Holidays
    • Monday, May 27th
    • Wednesday, June 19th
    • Thursday, July 4th
  • Complete Schedule Change Request form by January, 25, 2024
  • Email with any questions
February 24, 2024
(If you view your schedule in Wavenet prior to this date, not all classes may have been entered)  
Summer 2024 course schedule entered into Wavenet for executive, full-time, part-time, and online programs
  • Confirm finalized Summer 2024 teaching schedule in Wavenet (see instructions
  •  To report an issue in Wavenet, please complete the Schedule Change Request form
  • Email with any questions
March 4, 2024 Start of student registration
(Please note student registration for new and continuing students for certain programs may occur at different times)
To ensure an accurate schedule is reflected during student registration, changes to the schedule will be limited.

Schedule Change Request Form

Before course information is entered into Wavenet, you will receive a tentative copy of your schedule via email from the Faculty Affair Team.  Please carefully review your schedule for any corrections.  If you would like to request a change, please complete the Schedule Change Request Form.  

Over-Enrolled Class Survey

Class Enrollment Caps

Class Format Hard Enrollment Cap
Behavior Workshops (On-ground/ Online) 24 Students
Online & Hybrid Classes 24 Students
On-ground Classes 27 Students

*Exceptions to add students above the hard cap require written approval from the department chair and the faculty member. 

In the interest of optimizing our instructional resources and facilitating a smooth registration process for students, we are piloting a more proactive approach to class section management. Faculty who are slated to teach one or more courses that may exceed their designated section capacities will be sent a survey to see if they would be amenable to teaching a section(s) that could potentially reach a maximum headcount of 35 students.

Faculty are provided with options (stipend, one’s own development funds, apply towards student scholarships, or apply towards faculty research - funds that could be used by other faculty) for how they would like to receive the over-enrolled stipend should any of the sections exceed the cap.  The over-enrollment will be calculated at the end of the add/drop period.

Please keep in mind that the maximum enrollment thresholds may not be reached. We anticipate many of the courses to have very small increases, in the 1-4 student range.


  • When will I receive my teaching schedule?
    • The year-long course schedule was completed internally to forecast how faculty will meet their annual contractual units.  Due to a number of changing variables, the Faculty Affairs Department will be sharing faculty assignments approximately 4 months prior to the start of the next term.  Therefore, you can anticipate receiving your tentative Fall schedule in May, Spring schedule in September, and Summer schedule in January.
  • What if I need to request a schedule change after the deadline? 
    • All change requests should be submitted via the Schedule Change Request Form. To ensure an accurate schedule is reflected during student registration, changes to the schedule will be limited.  
  • I don’t see the change I requested reflected in Wavenet, who do I contact?
    • All change requests should be submitted via the Schedule Change Request Form.  Change requests are reviewed, approved, and processed by multiple teams; therefore, it may take up 3-5 working days to be reflected in Wavenet. Please email for a status update.