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Text Messaging Best Practices

In a University-wide effort to adhere to federal and state laws regarding consumer data privacy and protection, Pepperdine enforces the following best practices for sending SMS and WhatsApp text messages to prospective students:

  • Receive written consent from the recipient prior to sending a text message
  • Identify yourself
  • Keep the message short and concise, preferably fewer than 160 characters
  • Incorporate personalization
  • Be responsive to incoming messages
  • Avoid over-texting a recipient
  • Include "Text STOP to opt out"
  • Keep the language professional and avoid text shortcuts
  • Do not send multiple reminders for the same items, such as deadlines and events
  • Include a call to action when possible

WhatsApp Messages

To send messages to prospective students who live in the United States, you must comply with TCPA and California laws.

WhatsApp allows vendors to initiate text conversations by delivering transactional messages using pre-approved templates. Once a recipient replies to your message, you will have 24 hours to respond. After 24 hours, you must resend a new pre-approved templated message to reinitiate the conversation.

Examples of Text Messages

Use concise and clear language. It is strongly recommended that all messages contain 160 or fewer characters. Messages with more than 160 characters will be counted as two or more texts, which impacts the cost of the message delivery program.

  • Caruso Law: Hi [First Name]. Looking forward to seeing you at the [Event Name] on [Date] at [Time]. Text STOP to opt out.
  • Caruso Law: Hi [First Name]. You may be interested in the [Event Name] on [Date] at [Time]. Register: [Event Registration Link]. Text STOP to opt out.
  • Graziadio Business School: Hi [First Name]. Your application is complete. Learn about financial aid: [LINK] Text STOP to opt out.
  • Graziadio Business School: Hi [First Name]. Your application needs an unofficial transcript. Official transcripts can be sent later. Text STOP to opt out.
  • Graziadio Business School: Your [Email Address] bounced. Is there a better contact email? Reply with your updated email address. Text STOP to opt out.
  • Pepperdine GSEP: Hi [First Name]. Here is a quick reminder about the application deadline on 8/25/2021. Text GSEPAPP for assistance. Text STOP to opt out.
  • Pepperdine School of Public Policy: Thanks [First Name] for attending the [Event Name]. For a 3-question survey, text ESURVEY to begin. Text STOP to opt out.