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Student org leaders

Welcome to the Pepperdine School of Public Policy (SPP) Student Club & Organizations page. The resources linked below serve as a guide to student leaders as they look to organize, develop, maintain, and advance the policy and professional goals for each SPP student organization. You can find everything from more information about how to start a SPP student organization and pick a faculty/staff advisor to understanding rules and regulations for advertising and marketing, organizational conduct, and even financial and facility use guidelines in the Student Organization Handbook.

The Engagement & Programs Office at SPP recognizes the important role that student organization leadership plays in developing next-generation policy leaders. We strive to ensure that every student has the opportunity to join a student organization and learn from these invaluable professional development opportunities. 

We look forward to helping you discover your full leadership potential and offering support and guidance along the way. Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Engagement at 310.506.7686, or stop by our office located in SPP Room 276, should you have any questions about student clubs and organizations here at SPP.

Student Organization Forms

Event Planning Forms


Purpose of Student Organizations

  • Provide an environment that facilitates individual growth and autonomy while fostering social responsibility within a larger community.
  • Contribute to the fulfillment of the mission of Pepperdine University.
  • Enhance the quality of student life.
  • Contribute to the intellectual, social, and moral development of students.
  • Enhance and support Pepperdine University's curricular programs.
  • Serve as a vehicle to involve students in service to the campus and the community.