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SFA Dues

Members of the faculty of Seaver College contribute $10 in annual dues to support the Seaver Faculty Association. These dues may be paid by check or cash during the month of September in division offices or by credit card anytime at the link below.

Dues paid to the Seaver Faculty Association support gifts for bereavement, marriages, births, retirements, and other celebrations, as well as incidental expenses, such as guest speakers and the use of Survey Monkey.

Thank you for supporting your colleagues!


Seaver Faculty Association Officers:

  • President, Maire Mullins
  • Past-President, Tom Vandergon
  • President-Elect, Matt Joyner
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Loretta Hunnicutt
  • Parliamentarian, Jane Rodeheffer

SFA Executive Committee: 

  • Connie James (BA)
  • Don Shores (COM)
  • Cynthia Colburn/Ty Pownall (FA)
  • Cyndia Clegg (HUTE)
  • Kelle Marshall (ISL)
  • Jeremy Whitt (LIB)
  • Jane Ganske (NASC)
  • Dyron Daughrity (RELP)
  • Tomas Martinez (SOSC)