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Welcome to Student-Led Ministries

Student Celebration Chapel
Student Ministries

Celebration Chapel student leaders, facilitating times of worship and teaching on Wednesday mornings in the Amphitheater. 


Student Ministries is a thriving cohort of Christ-oriented student leaders who meet the unique spiritual needs of the Seaver student body for the sake of God's Kingdom. Student Ministry leaders participate in a leadership training and discipleship program which provides them with the support they need to grow and thrive in their roles as they lead their peers in worship, discipleship, and spiritual practices.

Contact Nicole Son at if you would like to learn more about Pepperdine’s Student-Led Ministries.


Explore SLMs on Campus

  AO Waves

Alpha Omega (AO) Waves is a Christian club that is devoted to creating a community that loves others through hospitality, service, generosity, & purpose! Our mission statement is to love like Jesus & live like Jesus!

Meets on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM in the Lighthouse

  Catholic Student Association (CSA) 

CSA seeks to enrich the faith journeys of students inspired by the Catholic faith at Pepperdine by providing a community of love and support, fostering exploration and growth in faith, and inspiring students to live service-driven lives. 

Meets on Thursdays at 7 PM

  Celebration Chapel 

Celebration Chapel seeks to build community and spread truth through student-led worship and teaching while creating space for non-Christians to interact with Christians in meaningful ways. Celebration Chapel also fulfills the RISE/Connection Chapel credit. 

Meets on Wednesdays at 10 AM in the Amphitheater

  Greek Intervarsity

Greek InterVarsity is focused on connecting students in Greek life with Christ and giving them opportunities to grow and learn about faith. 

Monthly Meetings on Thursday evenings 

  Koinonia Campus Mission (KCM) 

KCM exists to care for collegians by discipling them to value the glory of God through local and global witness to ultimately benefit and build up the local church of Jesus Christ. KCM has opportunities for weekly worship and fellowship, inter-campus events, testimony sharing, small groups, and participating in short-term mission trips. 

Meets Tuesdays at 7 PM in Stauffer Chapel 

  Mandarin Christian Student Ministries (MCSM) 

MCSM invites Mandarin-speaking students to join a loving, genuine Christian fellowship that is rooted in the love of Christ with a mission of equipping Christian leaders, evangelism, and community building. 

Meets Fridays from 6-9 PM (board games from 9 PM-12 AM)

  Veritas Club

Veritas is a student-led ministry committed to pursuing truth through conversation. We welcome people of all backgrounds so that we can encounter truth together. 

Meets on the first and third Thursdays of every month at 7 PM in the Great Books room.

  Word Up 

Word Up is a gospel-centered, inclusive worship community that highly emphasizes and values the ministry of the Holy Spirit and promotes freedom of worship through a blend of gospel, traditional, and contemporary worship.

Monthly Monday Worship Nights in the Stauffer Chapel