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Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I have to pay to use the Writing Center?

Absolutely not! The use of the Writing Center is free for all Pepperdine University Students.

 What are you hours of operation?

Traditionally, the Writing Center has been open from 9:00am until 5:00pm from Monday through Friday. Tutor availability, however, may change from week to week. The best way to see if we are open is to check out the schedule by visiting our Make and Appointment page.

This is the most reliable source for the current tutoring schedule.Now that the Writing Center has moved to Payson Library, we will be increasing the hours of tutor availability. Check the online schedule for the most up-to-date information.

 Can I drop off my paper and have someone edit it?

No. We do not provide editing services. We will, however, work with student writers to help them learn to edit and revise their own papers. Our aim is to develop stronger writers, not to produce perfect papers.

 I am enrolled in JWP 301 but I am not ready to complete it this semester. Is there anything I can do?

Yes. Just complete this online form and your request for a deferment will be reviewed: In most cases, you can defer the JWP for one semester, especially if you are a sophomore, a transfer student, or you are studying overseas.

 Why am I getting emails about the Junior Writing Portfolio when I never signed up for it?

Students are automatically enrolled in JWP 301 when they have earned at least 65 units, making them juniors by credit. If you wish to be removed from JWP 301, you can request an extension by filling out the online form: 

 The requirements say I need a paper from ENG 101. What should I do if I did not take English 101 at Pepperdine or I no longer have papers from that class?

If you are not required to take ENG 101 or the equivalent, you should include a paper from your First-Year seminar course or an appropriate substitute (a writing-intensive course from your first year of college). If you cannot find anything from your first year you may substitute any other paper and explain this in your cover letter.

 I have a paper that I co-authored with other members of a group. Can I still use that paper?

Yes, you can use a group paper. Please just indicate that you are doing this in your cover letter and let the reader know what section was authored by you (for example, you might say "pages 3 - 9 were written by me.")

 Can I revise my papers before I submit them in the portfolio?

Yes. You may make changes to your papers to make them even better than the originals that you submitted to your professors.

 Can foreign language students submit papers in a language other than English?

No. The Junior Writing Portfolio is meant to assess writing in English. However, upper division foreign language students may substitute any other paper for the paper in the major.

 Can I submit an essay exam as one of my papers?

Yes. As long as your portfolio meets all the other criteria outlined, you may use an essay exam as one of your papers. Please scan the exam and upload as a PDF

 Can students submit different kinds of papers such as a lab report or work from a creative writing class?

Yes, you may certainly include these kinds of pieces in your portfolio, so long as there are enough papers to illustrate competence in all the areas being assessed (check the rubric for specific requirements).

 What if I lost all my papers?

Those students who cannot locate enough papers to complete their portfolios can defer the JWP for a semester to give them more time to write papers. To avoid this problem, it is highly advised that students upload all their papers to a free, online digital repository such as Pepperdine's Google Drive:

 I'm a transfer student. What if I cannot find any papers from the college I transferred from?

In such cases, all papers submitted will be those which were written for your classes at Pepperdine. You might consider asking your professor if you can write a paper in lieu of another assignment, in order to have enough papers. You may also defer the JWP until a later semester until you have written more papers. Just be sure to complete the online form:

 Do I have to wait until I am automatically enrolled to complete the JWP?

No. You may request to be enrolled for the fall (October) or spring (February) JWP by filling out the form at this link:

 I am graduating this semester but I am not enrolled in JWP 301 and I missed the submission deadline. What should I do?

 Can I submit a paper portfolio?

It is preferred that you scan your papers into PDF documents and upload them electronically. However, if you are unable to do this then you may use a binder or a two-pocket portfolio cover and attach a JWP label to the front. You can download a label by clicking here. Just print on regular paper, cut, and paste onto the front of your portfolio cover. You can submit to Dr. Flynn's office in Payson 336 or to OneStop.

 More Questions?

If you have other questions or concerns, please contact: Dr. Theresa Flynn, Director of the Junior Writing Portfolio: or (310) 506-4803

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If you have any questions, please: 

Contact the Writing Center director, Dr. Theresa Flynn: