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Step Up Stories

During an on-campus Step UP event, students were asked to write down incidents where they stepped up to help others, below are some of the responses from students.


Stepping up to help others

  • "A friend struggling with PTSD attempted suicide and made a few warning calls to individuals before his attempt. I rushed to his house and called 911 and helped him get the help he deserved. No one should feel alone- always call someone. You are not alone and do not have to feel that death is the only answer."
  • "I drove a drunk/depressed friend home."
  • "I took my friend out of a harmful situation where I knew he would get hurt."
  • "Helped a friend with an eating disorder. Not being afraid to say something helped her get healthier."
  • "Stuck up for a girl being bullied."
  • "Talked my friend out of suicide."
  • "After 3 nights of severe depression and sleeplessness, my friend agreed to go to the hospital. I went with him to the hospital and the Counseling Center."
  • "I helped talk to a friend about his alcohol abuse."
  • "I helped a friend get out of an abusive relationship."


Others stepping up to help

  • "When I got extremely overwhelmed with things going on in life, I couldn't think outside the box and would continue to beat myself down. It was unhealthy. But my friend took the time to talk to me and advise me to go to the Counseling Center. My friend shared his experiences and let me feel worthy again and not as alone."
  • "When I feel depressed, my friends help me by praying with me."
  • "After my grandpa passed away, a friend genuinely asked me "How are you doing?" and listened to me."
  • "My friends were there for me during a rough time in my life. Emotional support is extremely helpful."
  • "My friend bought me dinner and talked to me when I was having a bad day."
  • "My friend has stopped people from making fun of me in public."