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Welcome from the Vice President for Student Affairs


Pepperdine is a community created to help you build a life of purpose, service, and leadership. The academic experience is a huge part of that journey, but we also know that what happens outside of the classroom is critical to your learning and growth. That's where Student Affairs comes in.

Many of the services you may need to attend to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and growth while you are at Pepperdine are provided by Student Affairs. We are also excited about the variety of activities, meaningful experiences, and leadership opportunities available to support your continued development. We trust these will collectively contribute to the rich sense of connectedness and belonging you will feel while you are here and encourage you to contribute to making a difference at Pepperdine and beyond.

Student Affairs is especially passionate about the purposeful opportunities of the RISE (Resilience-informed Skills Education) program that empower students to develop and nurture the skills necessary to face adversity. At Pepperdine, we are your champions, rooting for you as you navigate the temporary challenges of life to become resilient leaders for years to come.  

Student Affairs welcomes you to this special community and invites you to recognize your role in contributing to making this a special place. Pepperdine’s Christian faith compels us to treat each other with dignity and respect; listen well to people with different perspectives, identities, and experiences; and work together to create a true community of belonging. We believe each of us has a role and responsibility in making that happen. Join us!

Connie Horton, PhD
Vice President for Student Affairs

Connie Horton, Vice President of Student Affairs