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Student Care Team

Pepperdine University's Student Care Team (SCT) is a multi-departmental team committed to the care and well-being of all students. SCT provides University-wide assistance to students in the following areas: coordinated care to address life skills and linkage to resources on and off-campus (i.e. counseling, academic support, food and housing and emergency relief).

Our priority is to help students overcome adversities and thrive!

Students are welcome to contact the SCT directly if they can benefit from this support. We also accept referrals from faculty, staff, parents, and peers.

We recognize and value that students are individuals with their own lived experiences who also carry multiple social identities that can influence how they interact and respond to situations within their environments. As we engage with each student, we keep this at the forefront of our work, utilizing a person-centered approach. While we can assist students in navigating challenging moments through our services, they are the true experts on their lives and we honor their agency. Working from a strengths based perspective we acknowledge that all students possess internal strengths and we have an opportunity in our service to equip them with skills to overcome.


Email us to connect with a case manager or to receive additional information.


Student Care Team Update

As the University continues to closely monitor the impact of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), we stand ready to help students in need of emergency aid and/or to identify longer-term solutions. If you are in need of support due to COVID-19, please email the Student Care Team.

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