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ALE Cafe Weekly Menu

Monday 12/11

Hot Entrée: Country meatloaf with mashed potato & mixed vegetables $6.95
Hot Entrée 2: Sesame chicken with rice & cucumber salad $6.95
Grill Special: Hero club sandwich with French fries $5.95

Tuesday 12/12

Hot Entrée: Lime chicken breast with spinach rice pilaf & salad  $6.95
Hot Entrée 2: Meatball stew with pasta or rice  $6.95
Deli Special: Polish sausage sandwich & French fries  $5.95

Wednesday 12/13

Hot Entrée: Grande chicken tostada with pico de gallo $6.95
Hot Entrée 2: Roasted pork, oven baked potato & green beans with coconut $6.95
Grill Special: Chipotle chicken Panini with French fries $5.95

Thursday 12/14

Hot Entrée: Korean BBQ Day!  
Choice of meat (chicken or Korean BBQ beef) with rice, noodles, and kimchi $6.95
Deli Special: Bacon cheeseburger with fruit or French fries $5.95

Friday 12/15

Hot Entrée: Hand battered fish and chips $6.95
Hot Entrée 2: Indian chicken masala with rice & pita bread $6.95
Grill Special: Tuna melt with fruit or salad $5.95


Other Menu Items

In addition to their rotating weekly menu, ALE Cafe offers a host of other hot and cold menu items at similar price points.

 ALE Toys for Tots