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Reserve a Conference Room

25Live Room Reservations:

Planning, Operations, and Construction is pleased to announce the University's implementation of a University-wide scheduling software, "25Live," which can now be accessed by faculty and staff to request use of shared spaces. We have been working closely with many of you over the past couple of years in furtherance of this initiative, and we thank you for your diligent efforts.


What You Need To Know

Use: Shared spaces (classrooms, conference rooms, hotel offices, the Seminar Room, dining patios, etc.) can be requested using 25Live.
Access: 25Live Event Scheduling is available under "Staff Resources" in WaveNet. You can also access 25Live Event Scheduling via
Impact: 25Live will streamline the process to request and approve use of rooms and help us all more efficiently use our spaces.
Training: We have been conducting training sessions for schedulers/managers of space. 25Live includes valuable training information and "How To" guides within the "?Help" button in the upper right hand corner. 


Long Distance Calling

When dialing a long distance phone number from a conference room or hotel office telephone, you will be prompted for a long distance access code, also known as a personal billing number (PBN).

If you do not have an assigned PBN one can be requested through the IT Service Request Form.  The request form and more information can be found on the Phone & Mobile Services community page:


Additional Details

For more information regarding the reservation of spaces, please contact Leslie Haggard by email at, or cal the Calabasas main line, x1000
For Seminar Room inquiries, please contact, Ali Gardner, by email at