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Facilities, Infrastructure & Equipment

Payson Library Renovation

Last renovated thirty years ago, Payson Library has been remodeled and renovated into a more collaborative environment, while also doubling study space for students. The special collections wing stores and preserve Pepperdine's historic pieces while providing research opportunities to scholars from around the world. Payson contains a technology wall for students to digitally engage with the Library's collection.

New events center

University Events Center

The new University Events Center will allow Pepperdine to compete at the pinnacle of Division I athletic events, while also providing increased opportunities for intramural sports and recreation.  It will be relocated to a more central, interior space on campus and offer recreational space, food services, and increased parking for the entire campus to enjoy.

Student with science equipment

Equipment and Instrumentation

There is a continuing need for both the acquisition and upgrade of laboratory, technology, and media equipment for both the science and communications fields. Student access to professional, cutting-edge equipment is critical to the practical education and training of our students.