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Scholarships, Internships & Fellowships

The Israel internship program with some local architecture

Brenden Mann Israel Internship Program

Each summer, Pepperdine students from all five schools are selected to participate in the Brenden Mann Israel Internship Program. Students are placed in internships which range from working on film documentaries to excavating archeological sites, conducting research with law and investment firms, and promoting peace with non-profit organizations. In addition to interning, students discover the beauty, history, and cultural and religious diversity of Israel and have the opportunity to venture on their own to explore places such as the islands off the coast of Turkey, Bedouin caves, and villages in Ramallah.

Student with a crayfish in hand

Student Scholarships

Financial assistance makes education at Pepperdine University accessible to students from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Recently, Edison International awarded a grant for scholarship support, which provides much needed financial assistance to students pursuing their studies in the STEM fields.

Veteran scholarship recipients at the Brock house

Ahmanson Veteran Scholarship Initiative

The Ahmanson Veteran Scholarship Initiative (AVSI) is funded by the Ahmanson Foundation and aids in the University's recruitment, education, and retention efforts for student veterans eligible for the Post 9/11 GI BillĀ®. AVSI is University-wide and includes all academic majors in both undergraduate and graduate programs.