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Refund Methods

Refunds are issued via direct deposit or paper check.

  • Direct deposit to the student's bank account if a student has signed up for the eRefund option prior to the refund being issued.
    • Sign up for eRefund (direct deposit) through your WaveNet account by selecting the "eRefund Account" link beneath your Account Summary on the Finances page. In the new browser tab that opens, you can sign up for electronic deposits (eRefund) or edit your information under the "Direct deposit refunds" section.
  • Paper check mailed to the student's permanent or local address if a student is not signed-up for the eRefund option.

Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for an eRefund account to minimize the refund delivery timeline.

Refund Timeline and Processing

  • Students enrolled in eRefund may expect to receive the funds within 3-7 business days from the date a refund is processed. Students not enrolled in eRefund may expect the physical check 7-14 business days after a refund is processed.
  • Refunds for a term will not be processed until the term begins. Therefore, no refunds will be issued prior to the official start of the term. A refund will not be processed until there is an ending credit balance on the student account.
  • Refunds of credit balances resulting from financial aid are processed automatically at the start of the term after financial aid has been disbursed unless written notification is submitted to the Student Accounts Office requesting the credit balance to remain on the student's account. The amount of the refund is based on the tuition charged and financial aid disbursed at the time of processing; if you add or drop a course(s) after that time, it may result in an owing balance and/or your aid being adjusted. You are responsible for paying any outstanding balance by the due date(s).
  • Refunds of credit balances will not be processed until funds have cleared the bank and are showing on the student's account; this includes credits from loan funds, checks, and dropped courses. If a credit balance includes a check payment, there is a 10 business day waiting period before those funds may be released.

Refund Request

To receive a refund for any other credit balance (generated by funds other than financial aid) remaining after all charges and credits are processed, the student must submit a written request from their Pepperdine email account to the Student Accounts Office at

Related Disclosures

  • Payments in excess of the amount due to the University may be rejected and returned to the payer. Students are responsible for accurate and timely payments. Any overpayment amounts accepted by the University may be refunded at the end of the term with the student's written request. A nonrefundable $50 processing fee will be posted to the student's account and deducted from the amount of the refund.
  • As part of the refund process, the student's account will be audited, and financial aid will be verified before a refund is processed.
  • Students who receive refunds generated by student loans should understand that their student loan balance is not reduced by the refund amount, unless the student returns the amount to the student loan lender. Students who have received a refund(s) and who want to reduce their student loan debt may contact the Financial Aid Office for more information. The Financial Aid Office does not return or reduce the loan amount for any uncashed refund check without written request from the student.
  • A change in course load may impact a student's eligibility to keep the full amount of disbursed financial aid, including any credit balance refunds generated by financial aid. Students receiving financial aid may be required to return all or a portion of financial aid proceeds as determined by the date of withdrawal or change in course load. The return of federal funds may result in an outstanding balance on the student's account. If a student's account is not paid in full by the due date(s), daily finance charges in the amount of 0.027% will accrue on any past due balances, and a registration hold will be placed on the account. Students should consult with the Financial Aid Office and the Program Office regarding the impact of a withdrawal or change in course load on financial aid or veterans' benefits.
  • Students who receive federal student aid should be aware that federal aid will pay toward tuition, room and board, and association fees automatically; other allowable educationally related fees (e.g., facility fees) require the student's authorization, provided through the "Permissions" link in your WaveNet account. Federal aid will never pay toward non-allowable, non-educationally related, and discretionary charges (e.g., health insurance, finance charges, fines, penalty charges, withdrawal fees). This means that even though total financial aid may exceed total charges, federal aid may not pay all charges, potentially leaving a credit balance as well as an outstanding balance for charges not paid by financial aid. Any charges not covered by aid, federal or otherwise, are still due by the due date attached to that charge regardless of whether or not there is a credit from financial aid. Any refundable credit balance will be issued to the borrower.