Student Activity Fee Budget Requests

COVID-19 Notice

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the online modality for fall 2020, all student club-sponsored meetings and events will be held virtually until further notice. As a result, PGBS will not be charging a full-time PGBS Student Activity Fee for the fall 2020 term. Therefore, funding will not be available for student club budget requests.

Graziadio Student Advisory Board

Facilitated by the Office of Student Engagement and Success, the Graziadio Student Advisory Board (GSAB) is an advisory body that provides a representative student voice on matters involving the student experience outside the classroom, including allocation of the PGBS Full-Time Student Activity Fee and the development and implementation of student-focused programs, initiatives, and services.

Budget Request Process Overview

Eligible registered student organizations and PGBS departments or entities may request Student Activity Fee funds for full-time student service/activity-related programs. Budget requests are accepted for individual events, activities, or initiatives that further the engagement, education, and development of the full-time Graziadio student body at large.

To be eligible for Student Activity Fee funds, student clubs must have at least 75% full-time student members listed on their Peppervine roster.

Budget Request Instructions

  1. Review the funding eligibility and requirements outlined in the Graziadio Business School Student Club Handbook
  2. Please note that all event-related budget requests must be discussed with Jessica Rubalcava, Assistant Director of Student Engagement at prior to submitting the purchase request.
  3. It is highly recommended that, when building a budget, student clubs review current pricing for food, promotional items, or other goods from the Student Engagement and Success Preferred Vendor List.
  4. In your budget request, please be sure to account for 10% sales tax; an 18 - 20% tip (for food deliveries or restaurants); and any applicable delivery fees.
  5. In your student club portal located in The Peppervine, select "Manage Organization" and then select "Finance." You will see the option to select "Create New Request." Fill out the Graziadio Business Schoool Budget Request Form with the details of your funding request. Please be as detailed as possible in your descriptions.
  6. The Graziadio Student Advisory Board's Student Activity Fee Budget Committee will review each budget request within 10 business days and the club treasurer will be notified of the final allocation amount via email.

Student Club Reimbursement Instructions 

Registered student clubs that have spent allocated funds from the Graziadio Student Advisory Board can request reimbursement via the Student Club Reimbursement Request Form (located in The Peppervine forms section).

Student Club Purchase Request Instructions

Registered student clubs who wish for Student Engagement and Success to submit payment or to make a purchase on behalf of their student club must submit a Student Club Purchase Request Form (located in The Peppervine forms section) to request to spend PGBS Student Activity Fee (allocated) funds.

Purchase requests submitted through the Student Club Purchase Request Form may include purchasing goods, food, or paying a vendor or speaker.
Please note that presidents and treasurers of registered student clubs are the only officers authorized to submit the Student Club Purchase Request Form.

Questions? Email the Office of Student Engagement and Success.