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Pepperdine Graziadio Student Activity Fee


The student activity fee provides Pepperdine Graziadio Business School (PGBS) students with access to a variety of student-led clubs, activities, and initiatives that enrich Graziadio student life outside the classroom and strengthen community-building across academic programs. 

The student activity fee is mandatory for PGBS undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students in the full-time, part-time, and online programs as well as all exchange non-degree seeking students. 


The student activity fee provides students with the following benefits:

Student Club Membership

You can join any PGBS student club(s) of your choice, or start a new club. Clubs provide students with opportunities to expand their network, learn from industry professionals, develop leadership skills, and make the most of their Graziadio student experience. 

Graziadio Student Hub User Account

Your Graziadio Student Hub user account connects you to all things Graziadio student life, including student club membership, communication, event registration, and student life departments and resources. To access the Graziadio Student Hub, login with your WaveNet credentials.

Networking and Professional Development Events

You have access to a wide variety of virtual, hybrid, and in-person social networking and professional development events, programs, and activities hosted by student clubs and organizations. Visit the Graziadio Student Hub to review the full list of events, and be sure to check back often, as new events are added regularly. 

Enhancements to the Student Experience

The student activity fee helps fund long-term projects or initiatives that enhance the student experience. These projects are initiated and led by students based on student need. For example, past projects funded through the full-time student activity fee include water refill stations at the Drescher Graduate Campus, implementation of an online student organization management platform, upgrades to the Drescher Graduate Campus student lounge, and televisions in the Drescher Library meeting rooms.


Full-Time Programs 

  • Full-Time MBA
  • MS in Global Business (MSGB)
  • MS in Business Analytics (MSBA)
  • MS in Business (MSB)
  • MS in Real Estate (MSRE)
  • MS in Applied Finance (MSAF)

Fall | $40

Spring | $40

Summer | $40


Part-Time Programs 

  • Fully-Employed MBA (FEMBA/MBAJ)
  • BSM (On-Ground)

Fall | $40

Spring | $40

Summer | $40

Online Programs 

  • Online MBA/MBAJ
  • Online MS in Human Resources (MSHR)
  • Online MS in Business Analytics (MSBA)
  • Online MS in Management and Leadership (MSML)
  • Online BSM 

Fall |  $20

Spring | $20

Summer | $20


Inbound Exchange Program 

Fall | $40

Spring | $40

Summer | $40

Refund Policy

  • Students who elect to withdraw during an academic term are not eligible for a refund.
  • Students who are withdrawn from the University due to disciplinary sanctions are not eligible for a refund.
  • Students who permanently withdraw from the University may be refunded consistent with their eligibility for a tuition refund.

Oversight and Allocation

The student activity fee is allocated by the students, for the students to PGBS student-led clubs and activities that further the co-curricular engagement, education, and development of the PGBS student body at large. 

The Graziadio Student Advisory Board (GSAB) is responsible for overseeing the student activity fee revenue and allocating funds in a fair, equitable, and timely manner. The GSAB is a representative advisory body comprised of students from the full-time, part-time, online, and exchange programs. More information on the GSAB can be found on the Student Club and Organization Community page.

Funding Requests

Eligible registered student clubs may request Student Activity Fee funding by submitting the Budget Request Form located in The Graziadio Student Hub. Budget requests are accepted by the Graziadio Student Advisory Board (GSAB) on a per term basis for events, activities, and initiatives that further the engagement, education, and development of the Graziadio student body at large. All clubs and organizations seeking funding must adhere to University financial policies, the Graziadio Student Club Handbook, and the budget request and spending procedures established by Student Engagement and Success and the GSAB. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request to waive the student activity fee?

No. The student activity fee is mandatory for PGBS undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students in the full-time, part-time, and online programs as well as all exchange non-degree seeking students. 

If I am not enrolled for a term and take a leave of absence, will I still be charged a student activity fee?

No. Students who are not enrolled for a term or take a leave of absence will not be charged the student activity fee. 

I am an online student. Why do I pay a student activity fee?

The student activity fee allows Pepperdine Graziadio to provide online students with equal access to student clubs and activities offered in-person and virtually. On average, there are approximately 25 in-person activities and 25 virtual activities held per academic year. In acknowledging that some online students may not be able to access on-ground activities due to factors such as geographic location, all online students pay half the fee of on-ground students. This reduced fee allows all online students, regardless of geographic location, to fully participate in student clubs and virtual student activities. 

Who do I contact if I have additional questions not answered here?

For questions about your student account, contact Student Accounts at 310-568-2307 or  

For questions about ways to get involved in student clubs, how to start a new club, or learn more about student leadership opportunities available, contact Student Engagement and Success at

For general questions regarding your program, contact your academic advisor: 

Full-Time Advisors

Part-Time Advisors

Online Advisors