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Terms and Conditions

  • The Graziadio Business School has established electronic mail through the student's assigned Pepperdine University email account (ending in as the official method of communication with students (other methods of notification may also be used if required by law). It is the student's responsibility to read email notifications sent to their Pepperdine email and to take any necessary action in a timely manner.
  • The online student account serves as the official student "bill." Hard copy account statements are not generated. The account will be updated automatically with every charge or credit posted to the student account. The student account reflects the charges, credits, amount due, and due dates and can be viewed through WaveNet. Students are responsible for reviewing their student account online and for making appropriate payment arrangements to ensure that full payment is received by the Student Accounts Office by the payment due date.
  • Students are responsible for viewing their student account online, for noting their account balances due, and for making the appropriate arrangements for payment to be received by the Student Accounts Office on or before the due date. Daily finance charges in the amount of 0.027% will accrue on any past due balances.
  • Failure to review the student account is not a valid reason for not paying charges by the due date, and finance charges will not be reversed if a student fails to review their online student account and/or Pepperdine email.
  • Students who register after the due date are required to pay at the time of registration. If a student adds a class(es) after the initial due date, the additional balance generated by new charges must be paid at the time of the change.
  • Outstanding balances on a student account, or defaulting on other financial obligations with the University by the student, will prevent the student from registering for classes and will result in the University not publishing the student's grades for the last term in attendance on the student's transcripts. Degrees and/or certificates will not be conferred nor posted on the student's transcript until all University obligations (academic, financial, and otherwise) are fulfilled.
  • Failure to pay an outstanding balance by the scheduled due date, and failure to make acceptable payment arrangements to bring the account current, may result in Pepperdine University referring the delinquent account to an outside collection agency.
  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) governs who may see your educational records. In most cases, you control access to your records. You must provide written consent (through "Manage Guest Access" in WaveNet) for people other than those with legitimate educational needs (or other needs as defined by FERPA) to view your education-related files. Please review Pepperdine's Student Records Policies for more information.