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Terms and Conditions

  • The Graziadio Business School has established electronic mail on a Pepperdine University-assigned email account as the official method of communication with students (other methods of notification may also be used if required by law). It is the student's responsibility to read time-critical notifications and follow-up in a timely manner.
  • The University does not generate any hard copy student account statements or notifications. Students are responsible for reviewing their online student account so they remain current with the status of their student account and their financial obligations. Finance charges will not be reversed if a student fails to review his/her online student account and/or Pepperdine email.
  • Students are responsible for selecting their payment methods prior to the term start date. The payment options are available for review at the Student Center in WaveNet at https://wavenet.pepperdine.edu. Students are responsible for submitting their payment plan requests online through the Student Center at least 5 days before the end of the add/drop period.  Students are responsible for meeting the chosen payment option due dates and notifying the Student Account Office regarding changes to their chosen payment method.
  • The daily finance charge (.027%) will be applied to the student account if the payment is not received by the payment due date.
  • The daily finance charges will accrue on the past due balance including the disputed charges until the disputed charges are reversed. The payment arrangements made by the due date do not suppress the daily finance charges if the payment has not been received.
  • Students are responsible for making accurate and timely payments. Payments more than the amounts due to the University, may be rejected and returned to the payor. Any overpayment amounts accepted by the University may be refunded at the end of the term with the student's written request. A $50 processing fee will be deducted from the amount of the refund. The Student Accounts Office does not accept payments for off-campus living or personal expenses.
  • A registration hold will be placed on the student account if there is an outstanding balance by the due date. This hold will prevent any future class enrollment. Students may not attend classes if they are not registered (enrolled) for the class. Registration for the term is not available after the official add/drop period.
  • Students are responsible for paying any outstanding account balance not covered by financial aid that may include the daily finance charges that have been assessed to the account.
  • Students who attend the Irvine and/or Encino campus will be charged a facility fee.  The mandatory upfront fee in the amount of $65.00 will be applied to the student account.
  • Transcript/Diploma cannot be released for students with unpaid due balances.