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2024 Wellness Week

Pepperdine exercises a holistic approach to faculty and staff wellness, acknowledging that each component of an employee's wellness, physical, social, spiritual, psychological, professional, and financial, are intertwined and impact each other.

During the week of March 25 - 29, Human Resources will share a series of messages encouraging you to take advantage of the wellness-focused initiatives available at Pepperdine. Each day, we will highlight the existing resources, while also offering additional programming each day of the week. Please join us for one, or many events offered throughout the week as we strive to become a healthier community, together. 


Preventive Health Screenings by Pacific Health and Wellness

Abdominal Organ Ultrasound Screening - March 26*

Stroke and Thyroid Screening - March 26

Skin Health Dermascan Screening - March 26

*Please note this screening requires 6 hours of fasting as you select your time slot.



UCLA Health: The Importance of Mobility and Movement - March 25

Workplace Mindfulness, led by Darren Good, Pepperdine faculty member - March 25

Getting to Know Health Advocate (Pepperdine’s Employee Assistance Program) - March 27


In-Person Sessions

DUNAMIS Series: Removing Barriers to Inclusion and Becoming an Upstander - March 25

CPR/AED Certification Training Session (Calabasas) - March 26

CPR/AED Certification Training Session (West LA) - March 26

RISE Yoga at Alumni Park - March 26

CPR/AED Certification Training Session 1 (Malibu) - March 27

CPR/AED Certification Training Session 2 (Malibu) - March 27

Mid-week Meditation with RISE - March 27

Awareness and Defense Against Physical Threat (ADAPT) Self-Defense - March 28

University Credit Union: Building Credit - March 28 (lunch provided)

Good Friday: Serra Retreat - March 29

Good Friday Service and Reception - March 29