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Estate Planning Foundations

Estate planning is a major component of planning for the future, ensuring your assets are managed and distributed to your liking, under the oversight of those you trust, and with your best interests in mind. Without any expectation for you to include Pepperdine in your estate plan, Pepperdine’s Center for Estate and Gift Planning office will inform you of:

  • how to establish an estate plan;
  • tax planning strategies to minimize taxes in retirement; and
  • estate planning resources available to you as a Pepperdine employee provided at no cost.

By attending this session, you will gain the skills needed to create your estate plan, understand how it fits into your larger retirement plan, and get your questions answered by in-house Pepperdine experts. These sessions will be led by Susan Christopher, Vice Chancellor for Planned Giving.

In Person Session

July 11, 12 - 1 PM
Lobby Conference Room, Thornton Administrative Center


Zoom Session

July 12, 12 - 1 PM
Live session