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Pepperdine Bot Answers Students' Questions

ARIA's new capabilities are music to students' ears

Cell phone with ARIA chatbot texting answer to student question.

For anyone who didn't get the message, Pepperdine IT's chatbot knows a few things.

The bot's name is ARIA–Automated Response, Intelligent Answers–and it went through an upgrade this summer that allows it to answer specific questions and provide information tailored to students’ individual needs. ARIA will now answer the following 18 specific questions about a student's status:

Academic Coursework

  • Am I waitlisted in any classes?
  • What are my grades?
  • Show me my class schedule.
  • What is my GPA?
  • What is my major or minor?
  • View my class deadlines.
  • Who is my advisor?


  • What is my Student ID?
  • How do I change my address?
  • How do I change my phone number?
  • Who is my emergency contact?
  • Are my immunizations complete?

Academic Administration

  • View my holds.
  • View my registration appointment.
  • View my shopping cart.
  • How much financial aid did I receive?
  • What is my tuition balance?
  • When can I register for a term?

You can find the Pepperdine chatbot in the lower right-hand corner of any Pepperdine IT webpage or on the WaveNet page after login. ARIA will respond directly during every session, once you enter your Central Authorization System (CAS) credentials to log in to WaveNet. 

We hope students enjoy ARIA’s new, more personalized ability to provide them with the information they need.