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Project Management: Onsite and Online

Learn about the three foundational practices that project managers rely on.

Going forward always have a backup plan

When Tech Fails, What's Your Plan B?

In this time of fires, pandemics, earthquakes and more, having a backup plan tailored to your professional needs is vital.

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Secure Remote Work and Study

In making the necessary adjustments to transition from in-person work and study to functioning remotely, here are some essential things to consider to keep you safe.

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Perseverance in the Time of the Pandemic

Wherever we land in the fall, the lesson we have already learned is that we can and will persevere.

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CIO's Perspective on Zoom Security

Pepperdine's Chief Information Officer Jonathan See talks about privacy and security using Zoom, one of the university's two web-conferencing platforms.

Zoom video conferencing

Pepperdine Adopts Zoom Video Conferencing Platform

On August 1, 2019, Pepperdine University will launch Zoom to the entire community.

SecureConnect login

Vital Summer Security Preparation

This is the perfect time to enroll a second device in SecureConnect to protect your access to the Pepperdine network and all your data.

Active Hours Window

Managing Windows Automatic Restarts

Pepperdine’s IT Department and Microsoft have put a few features in place to help reduce the chances of unexpected restarts on your computer.

TechQual Survey Sheet

Help Create a Better Pepperdine Experience

The Pepperdine community can impact the Pepperdine experience by completing the 2019 TechQual survey.


Scammers Try Using Suspicious "Records" to Steal Identities

Digital scams can take many forms, including a harmless package that comes with cleverly designed discs designed to tempt you to insert them into your computer. Don't do it!