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The Application, Interview, And Decision Process

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Current Positions

Use the list below as a reference point for naming placement preferences in the application. More information about each placement can be found here

  • Supreme Court of Uganda
  • Human Trafficking Institute / Willow International (Uganda)
  • Supreme Court of Rwanda
  • Supreme Court of Ghana

Specific court placements within each judicial placement will be decided after commitment to the program.




  • Completed at least one year of legal education
  • Exhibits a passion for global justice and human rights
  • Able and willing to travel to the developing world
  • International travel experience preferred, but not required
  • Diplomacy: Must be able to navigate complex relationships and interests
  • Core Competencies: Humility, Integrity, Loyalty, Joyfulness, Teamwork, Initiative, Creativity, Timeliness, Professionalism, Flexibility
  • First semester grades will be considered as part of the application process. We recognize that you will not know those grades at the time of the application. If first semester grades are below a 3.0 GPA, your application will not be considered. You may pursue an appeal, and to do so, you must submit a one-page memo to our team explaining why you believe you should be considered despite not meeting the GPA requirement.
  • Pepperdine law students will receive priority - law students from other universities may apply, but positions are subject to availability once all Pepperdine applicants have been considered and selected


Students are ineligible:

  • If at any time their GPA is below a 3.0
  • If a student is placed on disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion
  • By failing to obtain a valid passport and visa (if required) to attend a program
  • By failing to participate in all required briefings and mandatory orientation sessions
  • By failing to complete two full-time semesters of law school prior to the start of the internship


After The Application

The application is usually open for the month of November and students can expect to receive an immediate confirmation message when the application is received by our team.

Students will receive a second email at the start of the spring semester to schedule the initial interview.

From that point, we will communicate regularly with next steps in the process. Most programs require two interviews, first with our Malibu team and second with our country directors or partner organizations.


Make Your Decision

Parents + Loved Ones

It's not unusual to be a concerned parent or loved one, we believe that's a healthy role to play. Before making this decision we recommend students notify family and friends of this opportunity and have any essential conversations prior to engaging in the application process. We are more than happy to connect directly with anyone that has questions or concerns. We prefer to have conversations with parents or loved ones with their student present.


Once an offer email has been received and there is a readiness to commit, visit the policy page to find the contract. Official commitment to the program is the submission of this completed contract. Contracts also confirm acknowledgement of policies outlined in the student policies and code of conduct document. We encourage all students to read both documents thoroughly as this is a binding contract.

Post Decision Process

All participants are required to attend several meetings during the spring semester to walk through all necessary steps to prepare for living and working abroad. These meetings are a combination of logistics as well cultural education. You can find all of those details here


Contact Us

It's a priority to us that students have every opportunity to ask any questions that arise. We are always available and willing to connect about the most complex or simple questions. Here are a few ways to connect with us:

Spontaneous Visit

Our favorite! We are usually around and always love student pop-ins. Cameron McCollum's office is through the door just to the left of the dean's suite. Jenna DeWalt is tucked behind financial services.


The first person to email is Our goal is to respond promptly to every student inquiry.



Schedule a Meeting

Send us an email so we can schedule a time to meet in person or via zoom (your preference).

Informational Event

At the beginning of every fall semester, we host an informational event for our summer internships and have opportunities to answer questions at this event.